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90th Birth Day (Oct. 29)

M TV's Birthday Gift to HH


Wish your Birthday Greetings

Janana Perunnal of Mar Abo at Thevalakara Pally on October 23rd.

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 HH The Catholicos Marthoma Didymus I officially anounced his abdication today at Holy Episcopal Synod at Devalokam.

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Scripture Readings of This Week (Oct. 31).

Election 2010. List of Elected Members from MOSC. Please Send the following Details of newly elected Orthodox Church members to the Corporation, Municipality, District Panchayathu, Block Panchayathu, Grama Panchayathu for M TV Election 2010 Mini Site. Name, Photo, Constituency, Parish & Diocese. Result

Oct. 29, 2010


HH The Catholicos Marthoma Didymus I officially anounced his abdication today at Holy Episcopal Synod at Devalokam.

HH the Catholicos' Navathy Meeting at Parumala.

Speeches: HB Mar Milithios, Sayyidh Haidaraly Sihab Thangal


Interview by George Varghese (Manorama). Manorama News: 1 2

Manorama News: Oct. 28

Greetings from Yuhanon Mar Dimithrios.

Parumala Perunnal. Educational Seminar. Photo

Nilackal Padayathra. News

13th MPCCET college day was celebrated on 22nd oct 2010 as symphonia-2010. the occasion was graced by Rajesh sukumar toppo IAS muncipal comissioner bhilai. the function was presided by college chairman Joseph mar dionysius, metropolitan of kolkata diocese, other dignitories who attended the function are st thomas mission vice president very rev. geevarghese ramban, mpccet executive vice chairman Fr. Jose K. Varghese college bursar rev.fr.raju thomas, college director Dr. R. N. dash, college registrar Er. T. P. Mathew the public function was followed by colorful cultural programme.

The World Council of Religions (WCR) in Pakistan and Interfaith Coalition for Peace (ICP) in India have had a Bilateral Consultation in Bangkok to reflect on how the religious communities in India and Pakistan can contribute to the normalization process between the two countries. The Metropolitan of Ahmedabad Diocese of the Indian Orthodox Church, Dr. Geevargehse Yulios had the privilege to represent the Christen Community of India, by virtue of being a senior professor of Religion and Philosophy, in the Indian delegation of ten participants. Photos  News

An Article about Jiji Thomson IAS (Published in Shalom Monthly).

Farewell to Sajan Peter. News Photo

Sinimol Paulose (Member of St. John's Church, Pampakkuda) gets Jimmy George Award. News

Oct. 28, 2010


An Emergency Meeting of the Episcopal Synod on Oct. 29, 6 pm at Devalokam Aramana.

HH The Catholicos's Navathy. Greetings. Part 4

108th Feast of St. Gregorios of Parumala will be celebrated at Abu Dhabi St. George Orthodox Cathedral on 4th and and 5th November. A five days convention will start from 30th October 2010.prior to the perunnal. Rev.Fr. Jacob John will deliver the spiritual messages during this period.

Oct. 27, 2010


HH The Catholicos' Navathy. Greetings from Orthodox Seminary. First year Students with Bava Thirumeni at Devalokam Aramana. Photos



HH The Catholicos' Navathy. Greetings. Part 3

Oct. 26, 2010


A wonderful gift to Our H.H. BAVA THIRUMENI's NAVATHY by Young Generation of Malankara sabha. Part 2.


Wishes from St. Gregorios Church, Elmont.

The CWM conference which Yuhanon Mar Milithos attended as a resource person concluded on Saturday at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. HG distributed the certificates to the participants. HG conducted a Bible Study on Single Parent Children based on Joseph's dream about Mary and Jesus. HG also made a presentation on the reason for administering Holy Communion to children and also gave the concluding message at the concluding worship. They felicitated Mar Milithos on His 20th year of episcopal consecration and cut a cake at the concluding session. They also presented HG with a memento to mark their gratitude for his contribution to the Council for World Mission's programme on Mission With Children. Photos


"Little India in Kuala Lumpur". The Indian Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh is on a three day visit to Malaysia and he will visit a small town in Kuala Lumpur called Brickfields and will name it "Little India". There is a concentration of people of origin in this area and they are engaged in trade and commerce. News Photos

Official Inauguration of MGOCSM WEEK done by Lida Jacob IAS on Sunday, 24th October at 2pm at Student Center, TVM. Dr. D. Babu Paul IAS gave the key note address. Fr. Joseph Samuel Karukayil, Fr. P. G. Jose, Fr. Biju Abraham, Prof. E. Jacob John (Working Committee Member) Prof. Joseph K. Alexander (MGOCSM Treasurer), Dn. Thomas Varghese, Dn. Geevarghese Mekkattu (TVM Student center Director) , K. C. Zachariah (MGOCSM Office Secretary) and many senior members & students participated. Dr. D. Babu Paul inaugurated the MGOCSM students library at Students center. Photos

Sachuvum Snehayum by George Joseph Enchakkattil.

Kalkaji Convention. Speeches: Fr. C. C. Kuriakose.


Yuvajana Sangamam. Photos Speeches: Mar Dimithrios, Justice Benjamin KoshyFr. M. S. Skaria Ramban, Bro. Aji Varghese, Dr. George Varghese, Dr. George Nedumpara, Fr. Thomas John Mavelil, Fr. Philip M. samuel, Jojy Ninan. Songs: Johnson Varghese, Punnoose P. D.

Relics of St. Gregorios at Kunnakkurudy St. George Church. News  Photos

Parish News: 1  2

Oct. 25, 2010


Fr. Dr. K. M. George attends "Orthodox Vision For Peace" Conference held at St. Christophorus Monastery in Sayyidnaya near Damascus. Photos  News

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE (OCP).

Marthoma Sleeha Sthapichathu Palliyo episcoppasiyo? by Fr. Johnson Punchakkonam.

Begur St. Mary's Orthodox Church ,Banglore. Harvest Festival inaugrated by H.G.Dr.Yakob Mar Irenaios Metropolitan of Kochi Diocese. Photos

Family Conference at Germany. Photos  News

Writings by Bijoy Samuel. Highway to Heaven - Song, Wednesday & Friday, Lord's Prayer & Laymen, Eyes on Earth, The Real Truth - Song, A True Vine from East - Song, God's Hello.

Kalkaji Convention. News  Yuva Sangamam. News Photo

Dukrono of St. Gregorios at Ireland. News

Kanpur Church. Parumala Padayathra. Notice

Parish News.

Devotional Thoughts for Next Sunday by Fr. Dr. P. S. Samuel Cor-episcopa, New York.

Devotional Thoughts by Fr. John Samuel.

Devotional Thoughts for 6th Sunday after the feast of the Holy Cross - 24th Oct 2010 by Jose Kurian Puliyeril.

Oct. 24, 2010


Innathe Chintha Vishayam by Fr. Dr. T. J. Joshua. Manorama Sunday Supplement.

Sachuvum Snehayum Pinne Attappady Asramavum. An Article Published in  Manorama Sunday Supplement.

Kalkaji Convention. Speeches: Dr. Yuhanon Mar Dimithrios, Fr. Thomas John Mavelil, Fr. Geevarghese, Bro. Aji Varghese. Songs: 1 2

Holy Innocent's Church. News

Parish News.

Oct. 23, 2010


Websites post online greetings for Catholicos 90th birthday by Liju Cherian (M TV).


A wonderful gift to Our H.H. BAVA THIRUMENI's NAVATHY by Young Generation of Malankara sabha.

The Issue of Single Parent Child (Bible Study) by Yuhanon Mar Milithos.

An Article about Cardinal Newman by Babu Paul IAS.

Banglore Diocese Metropolitan Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim send his Apostolic blessings to Banglore churches and family members. Kalpana

OCYM Meeting at Parumala. Notice

Annual Conference 2010. Notice: 1 2


In accordance with memorial feast of St. Gregorios' , students movement organize MGOCSM WEEK from October 24 to November 2nd. Different programs are conducted in each unit.Official Inauguration of MGOCSM WEEK will be done by Smt.Lida Jacob IAS on Sunday,24th October at 2pm at Student Center,TVM. Dr. D.Babu Paul IAS will give the key note address.All are cordially welcomed to make this meeting a blessed one.

Denver Church Dedication. Photos

Diocesan conference of Malankara Orthodox Morth Mariam Samajam (MOMS) of Mumbai Diocese. A Report.

Kalkaji Convention 2010. News  Photos

Reliious Harmony by Aaron Joshua John.

Oct. 22, 2010


NAMS: Mar Osthathios Study Circle. Seminar at Kurisupally, Kottayam. Photos  News Speeches: Dr. Mathews Mar Thimothios, Dr. Zacharia Mar Aprem, K. C. Mani

Bible Study presentation at Council For World Mission "Faith Seeking Justice" East Asian Consultaion held in Marrior Resort, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Yuhanon Mar Milithos. HG have also moderated few other session and also presented a paper on child communion which is not practiced in many of the protestant Churches even though many practice child baptism. HG will preach a sermon during the concluding worship. Photos

Grand reception to HG. DR. Yuhannon Mar Dimitrios - asst. metropolitan by Delhi diocese. News Photo


Holy Qurbana by Dr. Geevarghese Mar Yulios.

"Parumala Thirumeni Anthyokya Bakthanalla" by D. Babu Paul IAS. Post Your Comment.

Kottayam kurisupally. Manorama Supplement: 1  2  3  4

Oct. 21, 2010


Metropolitans Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasius and Yuhanon Mar Policarpose Conducted funeral of a believer at Mullaringad St. Mary's Church. Fr. Johns Abraham Konattu (Priest Trustee), Fr. Mathai Edayanal Cor-episcopa, Fr. Thomas Paul Ramban (Vicar) and other priests attended.


Last moments of Sthephanos Mar Theodosius at Muscat Church.

HB Joseph Marthoma visits St. Thomas Asram. Photos

Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim Metropolita visited Abu Dhabi Cathedral. Photos  News

Will of A Priest (Fr. George Bethel, Chengannoor).


Two New Books published by St. Basil Publications, New York.

Bethelile George Achan by M. A. Jacob Puthenkavu (Editor).

Ammini Kochamma by Fr. P. S. samuel Cor-episcopa. Cover Back

St. Mary’s Youth Movement Dallas condemns the move to construct a new church in Parumala by Puthenkurse Society. Youth movement observed October 17th as "Save Parumala Day". News

Manthilir St. Thomas Orthodox Church is Celebrating the Feast of St. Gregorios of Parumala. Notice: 1 2

Kalkaji Convention 2010. News

Oct. 20, 2010


Parumala Perunnal 2010. News

Looking Towards a Green Poll: Fr. Dr. K. M. George. Indian Express Report.

A favourable order from High Court for the funeral of a believer at St. Mary's Church, Mullaringad.

OSSAE-OKR, Bangalore District Sunday Schools conducted the second STUDENTS’ CAMP at Bangalore. Photos

Intercession with Saints by George Joseph Enchakkattil.

Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius' Visit to North East States News Paper Report in Nagaland Post.


The blessing of foundation stone of the accommodation (Parsonage) for the Principal of St. Gregorios School, Kolkata on 19th September 2010 in the presence of Vice-President Rev. Fr. Jobby Peter, Principal Rev. Fr. John Jacob and all the Local Working Committee members of the school. Photos


DR JOSEPH MAR DIONYSIUS IN CORBA FROM 23, 24, 25 OCTOBER 2010 Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysious will be visiting the Coal City of Chattisgarh for the Second time in two years along with the Senior Priests of the Diocese. H.G will be laying the foundation stone of the "Cross Tower". This visit will yield yet another milestone for the release of the "Fragrance d Korba" a monthly newsletter and the Convention Song Book planned for the month of November along with the "Perunaal" of the Mar Gregorios Church, Korba.

KCC to respect M. Kurian. News Photo

Arun Jacob (Son of Fr. Dr. Jacob Kurian). News

Yuvajana Sabdam, October 2010.

Fr. P. K. Skaria passed away. Condolence from Melbourn.

Kottayam Kurisupally. News

Devotional Thoughts for 5th Sunday after the feast of the Holy Cross - 17th Oct 2010 by Jose Kurian Puliyeril.

Oct. 19, 2010


Navathy of HH The Catholicos Marthoma Didymus I. News

HB Thomas I and Cases. Thrikkunnathu Seminary Casil Anjam Prathy!!! 1  2  Post Your Comment.


Antiochian Arch Diocese of Kerala (Puthenkurisu Society). New Problems by Shelly John. Latest News. Post Your Comment.

Metropolitan Mor Gregorious Gabriel Speaks on Serbian Visit. News & Photos

Letter about Mullapperiyar Samaram by OCYM Idukki Diocese.

St. Basil Award. News

MGOCSM Cash Award. News

St Gregorios Orthodox Church, Mathikere, releases unique Orthodox wedding service CD by Liju Cherian (M TV) Photos  News

Fr. P. K. Zacharia Punnureth (83) Passed away. News

Bangalore Sunday Schools Camp. Photo

Oct. 18, 2010


Message by Geevarghese Mar Coorilos on the feast of Julius Mar Alvares on 26th Sep 2010 at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Panjim, Goa, India.

OCYM Idukki Diocese. Mullapperiyar Samaram. Photos  News

Initiation in to the world of Letters (Ezhuthiniruthu) by Yuhanon Mar Chrisostomos. Photo

A rousing reception was given to Idukki Diocese Metropolitan Mathews Mar Theodosius in Dallas. Vicar of Dallas St. Gregorios Orthodox Church Fr. Raju M. Daniel and believers were gathered in Dallas International Airport to welcome Metropolitan. Metropolitan expressed his gratitude for giving a rousing reception on his initial visit to America as a bishop. Mar Theodosius will be the chief celebrant this year for the Pernual of St. Gregorios in Dallas St. Gregorios, which will be held from on Nov 5 th through 7th 2010.

Calcutta Diocese MGOCS & YM Annual Conference. News

Funeral of Fr. Mathai Panackal. Photos

Dukrono of St. Gregorios at St. Gregorios Church, Thoothukkudy. Notice

Oct. 17, 2010


Third Memorial Feast of Sthephanos Mar Theodosius. News

Notice: 1 2

The Last words of Sthephanos Mar Theodosius.

Last Kalpana.

Innathe Chintha Vishayam by Fr. T. J. Joshua. Manorama, Oct. 16.

Oct. 10

Initiation in to the world of Letters (Ezhuthiniruthu) by Dr.Joseph Mar Dionysius at Mar.Gregorious Church Guwahati, Assam. Photos

Draw of Lucky coupons held at St. Stephen's Orthodox Church, Dilshad Garden, Delhi. Photos: 1 2 News

As part of charity programme MGOCSM Kunnamkulam Unit conducted free dental camp in hand with PSM Dental College,Thrisoor. More than 350 people were participated in the camp conducted at MPM UP school Marathancode. Photos

Oct. 16, 2010


Parumala Puthenkurisu Church. News

Delhi Diocese. MGOCSM Camp. Photos  News

Kanpur St. Mary's Convention & Kudumba Sangamam. Photos

Orthotodox Faith Fest - XI Inaugurated by Very Rev. M.S. Skariah Ramban on 16th Oct. 2010. This conference Hosted by St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Ghaziabad.Photos: 1  2  News

Very Rev. C. J. Oommen Cor-Episcopa (Chengannor) passed away.

OCYM Kottayam Diocese. Tharavattil Oru Dinam. News

Mar Aprem OCYM, Thottackad. Yuva Prathibha 2010. Notice

Kottayam Baselius College Students prepared a Short Film. News

Problems in Melbourn Yakobaya Congregation. News Reports: 1 2 3

Antioch Patriarch and Puthenkurisu Society. Latest News (Oct. 11)

Constitution of Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch.

Constitution of Puthenkurisu Society. 

Thomas Pradhaman Bavacku Patriarch Aakan Pattumo? Answer

Yakobaya Bharana Ghadana Asadhu by Vipin K. Varghese.

Post Your Comment.

Oct. 15, 2010


Janana Perunnal of Mar Abo at Thevalakara Pally on October 23rd.


Brahmavar Diocese gets New Bishop House at Mangalore. Photos

Kalpana from Zacharia Mar Theophilos (President, Malankara Orthodox Morth Mariam Samajam).

Dr.Geevarghese Mar Yulios was inaugurating the family meet of St. Antony’s Group of Colleges at Kanjirappally. News Photos

Kalkaji (Delhi Diocese) Convention. News

Oct. 14, 2010


St. Gregorios of Parumala and Antiochian Church. (Georgian Mirror, Oct. 2008).

Dr Joseph Mar Dionysius Visited Guwahati. Photos

Dr. Geevarghese Mar Yulios’ Memorable Maiden visit to Rajasthan. News

A tree has been Planted in the Name of St George Cathedral in Mushrif Park Dubai. Photos News

The Annual Conference of Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Students Movement (M.G.O.C.S.M), Delhi Diocese will be held this year as ‘LOGOS – 2010’ from 15th to 17th October at St. Gregorios School, Dwarka. News

St. Gregorios of Parumala Award by Mar Gregorios Study Forum. Photos

OSSAE Delhi Diocese. Orthodox Faith Fest 2010. News

Amayannoor Consecration. Exclusive Photos

Oct. 13, 2010


Orthodox Aaradhanayil Ormayude Adyalmika Manangal by Fr. Dr. K. M. George: 1 2

Oorakkudukkil Thala Vacha Hatha Bagyar by Fr. Johnson Punchakkonam.

St. Mary’s Malankara Orthodox Church, Houston celebrated their first Holy Qurbana on Sunday, September 26, 2010. The official inauguration of the Parish will be on Sunday, October 17,2010, by  Metropolitan Alexios Mar Eusebius.

3233 Williamsburg Lane, Missouri City, Texas 77459

Program schedule is as follows:

8.15 AM - Assemble outside church to welcome Thirumeni.

8.30 AM - Namaskaram followed by Holy Qurbana

11.30 AM - Public Meeting.

Letter to OCYM Ahemedabad Diocese by Yuhanon Mar  Polycarpose (President OCYM ). Malayalam    English

Oct. 12, 2010


Suggestions Called for.

Painting of St. Gregorios by Raja Ravi Varma at Attamangalam Church. Manorama News

31st Memorial Feast of Youhanon Mar Athanasios Episcopa at Bethany Church, Perunadu.

Biography of Augen Mar Dionysius. News

Kerala’s church feud - over 100 years and continuing. IANS Report.

Mar Nicholovos turns nature photographer while on holiday in India by Liju Cherian (M TV). Photos by Zacharia Mar Nicholovos.

Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius Metropolitan Visits North Eastern States of India. News

Malankara Varghese Case. Manorama News

Fr. Mathai Panakkal (80) passed away on Monday. Nagarikanikkal will begin at 3:00 pm on Tuesday (12 Oct. 2010) from Parayil St. George Orthodox Church and funeral at Arthat St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral by H. B. Paulose Mar Milithios.

Shyne Rajan (Member of Arathil St. George Church, Pandalam) passed away. Manorama News

3rd Bible Convention on 6th November 2010 The St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Papworth, Cambridge. Notice

OCYM  Kudassanad. Akhila Malankara Kalamela. News

News about CG's Church. Published in Manorama. Oct. 11 (Local Page), Oct. 12 (General Page).

Devotional Thoughts for the 4th Sunday after the feast of the Holy Cross 10-10-10 by Jose Kurian Puliyeril.

Oct. 11, 2010


Parumala Puthenkurisu Church.

Ad. in Manorama Response from Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios.


Response from Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios.

Response to Puthenkurisu Society by M TV.


The first Church dedicated to St. Gregorios at Parumala Island? by Jose Kurian Puliyeril


Parumala Thirumeniye Chathuruthy Thirumeniyum Pinneedu Parumala Thirumeniyumakkunna Albudha Vidya by savyasaji. PDF File


Relation between Antioch Patriarch and Malankara Orthodox Church. Court Deposition of St. Gregorios of Parumala. PDF File

Parumala Pally Aadharam: 1 2 (From Chathuruthil Mor Gregorios. A Book written by Chevalier Kooran Paulose, Managing Committee Member Puthenkurisu Society).

Ezhuthukal: Kalpana Books written by St. Gregorios.

Post Your Comment.

Antiochian Church & Puthenkurisu Society. Latest News

Constitution of Society. About Election of Sreshta Bava.


Jacobite Bishop defending atheists.

Puthenkurisu Society Advertisement in Manorama.

Response from Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios.


The First Church Dedicated to St. Gregorios at Parumala Island? by Jose Kurian Puliyeril.


Post Your Comment.

Holy Qurbana Celebrated by Yuhanon Mar Milithos for St. Thomas Orthodox congregation in Johannesburg on 3rd October at Coptic Orthodox Church, Johannesburg. Photos

Mar Osthathios Study Circle. Meeting at St. John's Cathedral, Pampady. News  Speeches: Joshua  Mar Nicodimos, Fr. John Thomas Karingattil: 1 2, Prof. K. C. Mani, Prof. D. Mathews

Dr Mathews Mar Thimothios visited the Wales Orthodox Mission in Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales. Photos


Dr Mathews Mar Thimothios visited the offices of the Greater Manchester Churches together partnership. Photos

Mrs & Mr Adam Vis-A-Vis We People by George Joseph Enchakkattil.

O.S.S.A.E. - OKR, Bangalore district organizes the second STUDENTS’ CAMP for the Sunday School students in Bangalore, Tumkur & Mysore. News Notice

Vadakkan Mekhala Parumala Theertha Yathra. Notice: 1  2

OVBS Opening ceremony, Noida Mar Gregorios Church. Photo

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