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Prayer on Catholicate Day.

Catholicate Day on March 21, 2010. Brochure: 1 2 3 4


Catholicate Day Celebrations 2010 by Jose Kurian Puliyeril.

Scripture Readings of This week.

March. 20, 2010


Malankara Orthodox TV (M TV) completes 3 glorious years since its launch on the Catholicate day 2007. MTv has achieved tremendous growth in its viewership as compared to other similar set ups in our Church. more...

Catholica Dina Chinthakal by Dr. Mathews Mar Severios.

Dukrono of St. Gregorios of Pampady. News

Wish Designate Rembans.

Consecration of Elanadu St. Mary's Church. Photos

St. Mary's Indian Orthodox Cathedral. Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Holy Week Program. News



March. 19, 2010

Eritrean Orthodox Churches Closing Their Doors at an Alarming Rate. Pray for the Eriterian Orthodox Church, especially for His Holiness Abune Antonios, the legitimate Patriarch of the Eriterian Orthodox Church, who have been under house arrest since 2006. News

Patriarch Kirill’s Visit to Armenia. Photos

Marriage Aid Fund Distribution, March 19, 2010 at Devalokam. Photos M TV Video

Speeches: Biju Oommen, H. B. Paulose Mar Milithios, P. K. Narayana Panicker, H. H. The Catholicos, Dr. George Joseph, Dr. Alexander Karakkal, Jacob Thomas Arikupuram

Catholicate Day Celebrations at Delhi. News

 Nuharo Tri Magazine.

Consecration of Elanadu St. Mary's Church: Flag Hosting. Photos

St. George Indian Orthodox church Sheffield , UK, Holy week services starting from Plam Sunday to Easter (28/03/10 -04/04/10)  Rev. Fr.  T.A. Eadaydi ( Managing Editor Malankara Shabha Magazine) Will be the chief celebrant. News

St. George OCYM, Kannanakuzhy. New Office Bearers. News

March. 18, 2010


Catholicate Day on March 21, 2010. Brochure: 1 2 3 4


Rally & Meeting Songs: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

(Please right-click on each link and then click on "save target as" / "Save Link as" for downloading the songs to your Computer)


Catholicate Day Celebrations 2010 by Jose Kurian Puliyeril.

The "Ramban Sthanarohanam" of Designate Metropolitans would be conducted at Parumala Seminary on 21st of March 2010 (Sunday from 07:00 a.m. IST). News

Gregorian TV & Radio would be presenting the live webcast, broadcast, text and photo update from Gregorian Studio, Parumala  Seminary.

A News about Geevarghese Mar Ivanios. Published at Kerala kaumudhi flash. News

Kuwait St.Gregorios Orthodox Church Medical Seminar on March 26, leading by Dr.K.M Cherian. News

Lent Meditation by Shaji V Mathew, Pathichira. PDF File

Martha Mariam Samajam One Day Conference, South East Region, South West American Diocese, St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Holywood, Florida, March 13, 2010. Photos

Parish News.

March. 17, 2010


Some functional perspectives on the Catholicate day by Joy Mezhuveli (KSA.

Marriage Aid Fund Distribution on March 19 at Devalokam. News

Parish News.

Thoughts for the coming Sunday by Fr. John Samuel.


Devotional Thoughts for the 5th sunday of the Holy Great Lent - Bowed Woman 14 March 2010 by Jose Kurian Puliyeril.


Scripture Readings of This week.

March. 16, 2010


Ex-Bengal Governor Gopala Krishana Gandhi (Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi) will give keynote address in Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorious award Ceremony on April 23, 2010.

Medical Camp & Health Awareness Seminar at Kuwait. Notice News

Consecration of St Marys Orthodox Syrian Church Elanad of Thrissur
Diocese will be on March 19 & 20. H. H. Baselious Marthoma Didymos I Catholicos, H.B. Paulose Mar Milithios Catholicose Designate,
Youhanon Mar Meletius, Zacharias Mar Anthonious will
participate. History by Yuhanon Mar Milithos. Notice: 1 2  Poster

Prayer (Valiya nombu). Prepared by Hauz Khas St. Marys Cathedral Youth Movement. Ucha Namaskaram, Sandhya Namaskaram, Rathri Namaskaram.

Bodhini -Annual Publication of Banglore Sunday Schools.

The Clergy of the Northeast of the American Diocese held its annual retreat at St. George Malankara Orthodox Church of Staten Island. After morning prayers led by Metropolitans Mathews Mar Barnabas and Zachariah Mar Nicholovos, Rev. Fr. Alex K. Joy, Vicar of the host parish welcomed the Very Reverend and Reverend Chor Episcopoi, Priest, Deacons and Seminarian and Kochammas. News


Rev. Fr. Paul Alummoottil Cherian, was ordained to the Holy Priesthood on Sunday, March 14, 2010 at his home parish, St. Mary’s Orthodox Church of India, Bronx, New York. The ordination services were be led by Their Graces, Mathews Mar Barnabas, Diocesan Metropolitan, and Zachariah Mar Nicholovos, Assistant Metropolitan, assisted by priests, deacons and seminarians of the American Dioceses. News


Rev. Dn. Abi Chacko, son of Mr. Chacko C. Kochukunju and Mrs. Rachel Chacko (Chackalayil House, Kadapra, Niranam) will be ordained to the Holy Priesthood on Saturday, March 20, 2010 at St. Mary’s Malankara Orthodox Church of West Sayville, New York. News

Women Reservation Bill by Ronnie Daniel.

Parish News.

March. 15, 2010


H. H. The Catholicos' Kalpana about the Bishop Ordination.

I recently came across a very well written passage to this effect by Paulos Mar Gregorios and thought you and your readers may find it of value: “Truth is a quest, not a concept, not an idea or a proposition. And it is not a question for something objectively given; neither is it a quest for knowledge in the narrow sense." more..

St. Dionysius Foundation: English translation of the diary written by St. Dionysius Vattasseril, Mathopadesa Sarangal Malayalam New Edition and Logo of SDOF will be released on March 13, 11 am at DC Auditorium, Kottayam. News  M TV Photos M TV Video

Kayamkulam Kadissa Orthodox church  declare as CATHIDRAL on March 20 by the Catholicos H.H Didimos I. News

SDOF NEW LOGO: H. B. Paulose Mar Milithios opened the  new logo of SDOF  (Approved by the last Holy Episcopal Synod). Logo is designed by JOHNS DANIEL. He is a young artist of our Church, 23 yr old. He is completed his  B.A. Animation and Graphic Design from M.G. University, Kottayam. He is a member of St. Ignatius Orthodox Maha Idavaka, Kaipattoor (Thumpamon Dioc). He is the son of Mr. K. G. Daniel,Thayyil House. He  is presently working in Abu Dhabi  and  the member of St. George Orthodox Cathedral.

A one day family retreat was hosted by Orthodox Christian Youth Movement (OCYM) Bangalore Diocese at St George Orthodox Church & Georgian Pilgrim Centre, Indiranagar Bangalore on 13th March Saturday. Ajith M George, Gen Sec. OCYM, Linz Peter Philip & Dr. Alice M Mani were instrumental in organising this event. News Photos: 1 2

Ardra Meeting. News Notice

Kolencheri convention started. News

Dilshad Garden (Delhi Diocese) St. Stephen's church Parsonage Consecration. Photo


NEW ADDRESS: Fr. Saji Abraham, Bethsaida, 108 - C, A - Pocket,
Dilshad Garden, Delhi - 95.

March. 13, 2010

St. Dionysius Foundation: English translation of the diary written by St. Dionysius Vattasseril, Mathopadesa Sarangal Malayalam New Edition and Logo of SDOF will be released on March 13, 11 am at DC Auditorium, Kottayam. News  M TV Photos


Mathopadesa Sarangal. Cover: 1 2 Personal Diary. Cover: 1 2


SDOF Malankara Association Suppliment.


Committee Meeting. Photos

Malankara Association: Straight Dope from a Layman by Georgy S. Thomas.

Common Prayer Meeting at Sarit Vihar St. Thomas  Church, Delhi. News

Parish News: 1  2  3

Meditation on Mid Day Lent by Fr. John Samuel.

March. 12, 2010


Thomas Mar Athanasius: Viswasthanum Karyasthanum. Director: Dr. M. Kurian Thomas. Video

Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius visited Agra St. Thomas Orthodox Church, on 6th & 7th March 2010. Photos

Diju Skaria will be, ordained to the Holy Order of Deacon on March 27, 2010. News

The ARDRA Charitable Society of our church has been doing Commendable service in charity and benevolence. Among the very many humanitarian works over these years, ARDRA is specially focusing on the project of providing One Lakh  Rupees Notice

Women's Reservation Bill by Fr. Johnson Punchakonam.

Malankara Social Networking Site.

Malankara Orthodox TV Community.

March. 11, 2010


Sermon on Psalm 121 by Yuhanon Mar Milithos.

Thrikkunnathu Seminary (Ankamaly Diocese) Case. News

Women’s Reservation Bill. Press Release by H. H. The Catholicos.

Janmadhina Sookthangal by Fr. Varghese P. Idichandy.


Consecration of Shencottah Church, Tamilnadu. Near Kuttalam Water Falls (Trivandrum Diocese). Notice: 1 2

M TV Mini Sites

M TV live

(Marriage Aid Fund Distribution, March 19, 2010

at Devalokam.)




Europe-Africa News

Catholicate Centenary

Malankara Association 2010

Consecration of the Holy Chrism

PMG Charity Fund

M TV Matrimonial.

Malankara Orthodox TV proudly introduce a Mini Site for matrimonial. It covers all about an Orthodox marriage. You can register and enter your profile on Mtv Matrimonial completely free. You can also send expressions of interest free of cost. Mtv Matrimonial is an exclusive online platform for Malayalee Christians to meet prospective life partners. When you register on the site, your profile gets searched by thousands of members of the site. You can receive messages from interested members, and also can send interests to them.


All the persons who send Matrimonial Advertisements earlier will re-register in the new Mini Site.

Thevalakara Pally

Mar Abo: Healer and Peace Maker by Fr. Dr. K. M. George.

Mar Abo: Thalamurakalude  Madhyasthan

by Mrs. Mariam George.

Vettickal Dayara

Key Personalities

Pl. Send the name & details

of the persons who in high ranks in the Government, Judiciary, politics, Media, Business, Medical, Cultural, Sports, Arts, Cinema, Social etc. who belongs to the Orthodox church to this

e-mail for making a list.

Prayer & Meditation

Prayer & Meditation

by Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios

Click  here 

Prayer & Songs in Malayalam

Click  here

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