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 Kolencherry St. Peter's & St. Paul's Orthodox Church Case: District Court rejected the appeal.

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Scripture Readings of This Week (Dec. 5).

Devotional Thoughts for the Birth day of St. John the Baptist. 5th Dec 2010 by Jose Kurian.

Dec. 4, 2010



Reception to HH Marthoma Paulose Catholicos at Trivandrum. News

Death Anniversary of Malankara Varghese at Bethel Soolokko Church Perumpavoor on De. 5 Sunday. HH Baselius Marthoma Paulose Catholicos celebrate Holy Qurbana.

Kolencherry St. Peter's & St. Paul's Orthodox Church. District Court Order.


Manorama News  Mathrubhoomi News

Lahari Virudha Bodhavalkaranam. News

Dukrono of St. Gregorios and Reception to HH The Catholicos at Vettickal Dayara, Mulamthuruthy. Notice: 1  2

Some Attributes to St. Mary - Class.

Danish Village captivates Dr Mar Meletius visit to California by Liju Cherian.

St. Thomas Seminary, Nagpur. News   Urgently Required.

CALCUTTA DIOCESE-RAIPUR ZONAL ARTS COMPETITIONS. RAIPUR ZONAL COMPETITION AT BILASPUR. Calcutta Diocese Sunday School Raipur Zonal Arts Competitions - 2010 held at Mar Gregorios Orthodox Church, Bilaspur on 28th November, 2010. Sunday School students from Chandrapur, Nagpur, Bhilai, Raipur, Korba and Bilaspur were participated. Fr. Sanju John (Vice President, Calcutta Diocese), Fr. P. C. Thomas (STOTS Nagpur), Dn. Liju John, Dn. Noel, Mr. K. C. Eappen (Director), Bijo Mathew (Zonal Secretary) were the leaders of the programme. Raipur District adjudged the best District of this Zone. Photos

Dukrono of St. Gregorios at Southend St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church. Photos

News about Ms. Rimin Johnson Keepalil, Member of Kudassanad St.Stephen's Cathedral.She is a student Damam International Indian School.

Dec. 3, 2010


Kolencherry St. Peter's & St. Paul's Orthodox Church (Kandanad West Diocese) reopened after 8 Years. Exclusive Photos


M TV News   Mangalam News      Post Your Comment.

St. Gregorios of Parumala. News

Reception to HH The Catholicos at Mar Gregorios Church, west Mangad, Pazhanji. Programme


Reception at Ernakulam St. Mary's Church. News

MOSC Working Committee. M TV News


A Letter Published in Georgian Mirror, Oct. 2010.

Memorial Feast of HH Baselius Augen 1. News

A Message to the Church of North India by Dr. Geevargheese Mar Yulios.

Nilackal Diocese. News

Divya Sandesam. Sermon by Fr. Spencer Koshy.

Nativity Lent Reflections by Tenny Thomas.

Kandanad Diocesan Bulletin, Nov. 2010.

The Pilgrimage by George Joseph Enchakkattil.

MOSC Cases in High Court. News

Kayamkulam Kadeesa Church. News

Babu Paul's Rumblings On Newly Consecrated Catholicose by Thomas Chandy.

OCYM Delhi Diocese. Annual Conference. Manorama News.

Dec. 2, 2010


Kolencherry Church Case: Court Order in favour of Orthodox Church. M TV News

HH the Catholicos' Statement about Endosulfan.

Kayamkulam Kadeesa Church Case. High Court Order.

HH Marthoma Didymus I's Navathy Meeting at Pathanapuram. Manorama News


Pathanapuram Perunnal. News

A grand reception arranged for His Grace Dr.Yuhanon Mar Dimitrius, The Assistant Metropolitan of Delhi Diocese by the members of St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Dubai on 1st Dec'2010 at 7pm. It is the maiden visit of His Grace to UAE after resuming the responsibility of the Diocese. He will be received at the International Airport, Dubai in the afternoon and will be escorted to the church from vicar's parsonage to the church at 7pm. Thereafter a reception public meeting after the evening prayer and intercessory prayer. News Photos

Fr. George Tharakan Passed away. News: 1 2

Joseph M. Puthusery & Election Case. News: 1 2 3

Paper presented at Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kottayam in the the Seminar of the Centenary of Pampakuda Namaskaram, by P. Thomas, Piravom.

Kayamkulam Funeral incident. Mangalam Daily Report. Read the last paragraph, it is clear that Jacobites blocked the road with dead body, which cannot be tolerated by any family who respect the departed. Moreover, the departed was an orphan. They could have left the body atleast at the Cemetery and gone ahead with their customary road blockage for which they are notorious for.


The news paper Mangalam further blames the Orthodox church and appreciates the Police and the Jacobites for their patience, which means the news was reported by a 'Satya viswasa samrakshakan' who always propagates false and baseless report. Mangalam feels they are playing the role of Manorama for the Puthencruz Society. But Mangalam need to realise Manorama only supported the truth and not baseless lies like Mangalam does nowadays.


Manorama Report.

Parish News.

Devotional Thoughts for the Sunday of visit of St. Mary to Elizabeth - Nov. 28 by Jose Kurian Puliyeril.

Dec. 1. 2010


Consecration of catholicos. MOSC Statement.

Dr. Michal keeman visits HH the Catholicos. Manorama News Gregorian TV News

HH The Catholicos appointed Dr. Zacharia Mar Aprem as Assistant to Catholicos, Fr. Thomas P. Zacharia as Principal Secretary to the Catholicos and Fr. M. K. Kurian as Devalokam Aramana Manager.


Sent Off to Fr. E. M. Philip & Fr. Yuhanon John. Gregoria TV News & Photos

OCYM Delhi Diocese Annual Conference 2010. Photos Video

Speeches: Gregorian Smrithi: Mar Polycarpose & Fr. K. Geevarghese, Inaugural Address: Mar Polycarpose, Mahesh Kumar Singla, Theme Presentation: Yuhanon Mar Polycarpose, Fr. Geevarghese K.Fr. Aji Chacko, Fr. Ninan Philip, Fr. Philip M. samuel, Rev. Premand, Jeena Anna Mathai, Geevargheese. Sermon by Fr. Skaria Rampan. Theme Conclusion: Fr. Geevarghese K. Valedictory Function: Mar Polycarpose

Dr. George Mathew Honoured. News

Parish News.

Nov. 30, 2010


Navathy Meeting of HH Marthoma Didymus I at Pathanapuram. News


Dr. D. Babu Paul & Pathanapuram Meeting. Almayavedhi Statement.

Pampakkuda Namaskaram by Fr. Mathen Malpan Konattu. 1910 Edition. Book Kept at Konattu Library, Pampakkuda. Exclusive Web Edition (14 MB).


Meeting at Orthodox Seminary, Kottayam. Photos Speeches: Fr. Dr. Johns Abraham Konattu, Dr. M. Kurian Thomas, P. Thomas Piravam


Biography of Fr. Mathen Malpan Konattu by P. Thomas Piravam.

The first ever Western Region Family conference of South West American Diocese was conducted at St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, San Francisco from 25th to 28 November. Alexios Mar Eusebius led the conference. Other leaders were Yuhanon Mar Milithos, Fr. Mathew Vellanikal, Fr. Antony Vazhappilly (both of Catholic Church) and Bishop Dale Clark. Priests and members of the Churches in the region participated. Fr. Joseph Poovathungal was the chief organizer. Photo Speech by Yuhanon Mar Milithos: 1 2

The Annual Conference of all the youths of Orthodox churches in the Bangalore diocese was held at St. Baselios Orthodox Church, Mathahalli on Saturday 27th. News Photo More Photos

An Article about Kothamangalam Church Case by Kunjerukkan.

Post Your Comment.

Rahul Mammen. News

P. T. Mathunny Panicker (Kallarackal Kaleelil Family, Father of Yuhanon Mar Dioscoros) passed away. News

Nov. 29, 2010


Parumala Puthenkurisu Church. Article Published in Kerala Kaumudhi. Written by Babu Kuzhimattam (Famous Story Writer. Member of St. George Church, Kuzhimattam, Kottayam): 1  2  3  4

Post Your Comment.

Fr. M. O. John's Article about HH The Catholicos Paulose II.


Is HB Thomas I Catholicos of East or Only Catholicos of India?

Article about HH The Catholicos by Dr. D. Babu Paul (Knanayadeepam, Nov. 2010): 1 2


Thomas Pradhamano Chathurthyano? (Malankara Sabha Deepam, Sept. 16-30, 2002) Post Your Comment.

HH Marthoma Paulose II Catholicos' Kalpana about Dukrono of HH Baselius Geevarghese I.


Babu Paul's Comment about HH The Catholicos. Mangalam News

Post Your Comment.

Wishes to HH Baselius Marthoma Paulose II from St. Baselius Church, Elmont. Photos  News

Old News Paper Reports. HH Baselius Geevargheese II & Elias Mar Yulios: 1  2 Bombay Church: 1 2

Orthodox International Centre, Kochi. Kalpana from The Catholicos.

Memorial Feast of Pulikkottil Joseph Mar Dionysius & Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios at Orthodox Seminary, Kottayam. Memorial Speech by Fr. P. A. Philip. Audio

St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Dubai celebrated the Harvest Festival -2010 on Friday 26th November 2010. H.E.Sanjay Verma (Consul General of India in Dubai), Dr.George Mathew (The Medical Advisor to the Govt. of Eastern Province) were invited as chief guests. News     Photos     Video: Chendamelam     Video: Prayer Song

Parish News.

Nov. 28, 2010


The Geography of Travancore by Rev. T. Foulkes. Printed at Western Star Press, Cochin, 1878. Book kept at Konattu Library, Pampakkuda. Exclusive Web Edition (13 MB).


A journey from Madras through the countries of Mysore, Canara, and Malabar By Francis Buchanan.

An Article about Dr. Mathews Mar Severios: 1  2

Dubai OCYM Unit won Abu Dhabi Ocym Unit Organized Marthoman Trophy Cricket Tournament as a part of Marthoma Smruthi 2010. Sharjah Horeb team became the runner up. The tournament was inaugurated by Diocesion Metropolitan Yakub Mar Elias on 16th Novemebr. Winner’s trophy was given by Abu Dhabi Cathedral Vicar Fr. Johnson Daniel. Photos   Warm welcome to the winners

Parish News.

Nov. 27, 2010


Paulos Mar Gregorios Memorial Speech & Paulos Mar Gregorios Snehanidhy Distribution at St. Mary's Boys Home, Thalakodu, Mulamthuruthy. Notice Photos Videos


Memorial Speech by Dr. Yuhanon Mar Thevodhoros. Speeches: Fr. K. T. Philip, Adv. Jose Thettayil MLA (Minister for Transports), M. J. Jacob MLA, M. A. John, Swami Sudhi Chaithanya, C. M. Hasainar Maulavi, Fr. K. J. Kuriakose Cor-episcopa.

Memorial Feast of Pulikottil Joseph Mar Dionesius & Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios at Orthodox Seminary, Kottayam. Gregorian TV Videos

Metropolitan of Catholicos' Office. Almayavedhi, Nov. 2010: 1 2 3 4


Wishes from Dr. D. Babu Paul (Knanayadeepam, Nov. 2010): 1 2

Thomas Pradhamano Chathurthyano?  (Malankara Sabha Deepam, Sept. 16-30, 2002) Post Your Comment.


Reception to HH The Catholicos Marthoma Paulose II at Arch Bishop's House, Changanacherry. Gregorian TV News.

The Birth Centenary of The late Paulose Mar Severios the founder of Koratty Sion Aramana and the Metropolitan of Kochi Diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Church was celebrated with great enthusasm and fervour at the Koratty Sion Seminary. A reception was also accorded to the newly installed Catholicos H H Baselios Mar Thoma Paulose II. Priests ordained by Paulose Mar Severios , who are serving in different Dioceses, were felicitated at the function. The Diocesan Metropolitan Dr. Yakob Mar Irenaios presided over the meeting. Photo More Photos

Swasraya – A Special Mission by the Kandanad East Diocese of the Indian Orthodox Church. News

OCYM DELHI DIOCESE ANNUAL CONFERENCE FLAG IS HOISTED BY YUHANON MAR POLYCARPOS (President, OCYM) in the presence of Mahesh Kumar Singla IPS (ADGP, Northern region, Kerala ), Fr. M.S. Skariah Ramban (Diocesan Secretary), Fr. Philip M Samuel (Vice President, OCYM), Fr. Ninan Philip (Vicar, St. Marys chandigarh), Fr. Dr. Geevarghese K. (Director, Outside Kerala Sunday school) at Chandigarh St. Marys School (St. DIONYSIOUS Nagar) on 27th Nov. 2010. Photo News

Perunal celebrated at Sagar Mar Gregorios Orthodox Church. Feast of St. Gegorios of Parumala was celebrated on November 13and 14th at Sagar Mar Gregorios Orthodox Church of Calcutta diocese. The Chief celebrant of the liturgy was Fr. Dr. Shaji P. John, Registrar of St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary, Nagpur. Achen also took a thought provoking and beneficial class on the topic "Christian Family values" for the parishners Under the leadership of Vicar Rev.Fr.Saju Philip, parishners along with Rev.Fr. Dr. Shaji P. John visited Shampura St. Francis Orphanage, spent some quality time with the inmates and distributed food and clothes. (Report by Fr. P. S. Varghese, PRO, Calcutta diocese)

St. Thomas School Ghaziabad. News Photos: 1 2

Abudhabi: In the all UAE Inter School Drawing Competition conducted by the Embassy of India in Abu Dhabi recently, participated by more than 1000 students all over UAE, Abu Dhabi St.George Orthodox Cathedral Sunday School Student Ms. Neena Susanna Mathew has received the First Prize from the President of India. News

Nov. 26, 2010


Annual get-together of Priests of Kandanad West Diocese & 60th Birthday Celebration of Fr. A. M. Mathai Cor-Episcopa (Ailapurath Murimattathil) at Meepara Aramana.Diocesan Metropolitan, Dr. Mathews Mar Severios presided over the meeting in which Fr. Saji Amayil gave the Key-Note Address.Diocesan Secretary Fr. Abraham K. John, Fr Thomas Chakiriyil and Fr. P. U. Kuriakose Cor Episcopa spoke. Aramana Manager Fr. Dr. O. P. Varghese Co-ordinated the function. Photos

Nov. 25, 2010


Paulos Mar Gregorios as a Pioneer in Inter religious Dialog  by John Kunnathu.


Dukrono of St. Gregorios and Memorial Feast of Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios at Thalakodu Mar Gregorios Chapel (St. Mary's Boys Home). Notice: 1  2  3  4  5  6

Pulikkottil Joseph Mar Dionysius & 1811 Bible. A Quotation from "The life of Thomas Fanshaw Middleton ... bishop of Calcutta, Volume 1" By Charles Webb Le Bas. Published from London, 1831. Vol. I (10 MB), Vol. II (9 MB). Compiled by Fr. C. C. Cherian & Joice Thottackad.


Pulikkottil Joseph Mar Dionysius & 1811 Bible. Editor: Fr. Dr. Joseph Cheeran. Publishers: MJD Publishing House, Kunnamkulam. Mob: 9495603174. Exclusive Web edition.

Nazrany Kesari Akkara Kurian Writer. Biography by Fr. Dr. Joseph Cheeran & C. Cherian. Price: Rs. 150. Publisher's Ph: 0481 2566416, 9446195642. Exclusive Web Edition.

Interview with Mathews Mar Theodosius by Rajesh Varghese for ICONVideos

The Annual Zonal Conference of Orthodox Christian Youth Movement (OCYM) -UAE Zone will be held at Dubai St.Thomas Orthodox Cathedral on 2nd Dec'2010. His Grace Dr.Yuhanon Mar Dimithrayos will be the chief guest for the events. Notice

The Kerala High Court division Bench directs to solve the Church feud through mediators and outside courts. Manorama News 1  2 Mangalam News

Centenary of Pampakkuda Namaskaram. Manorama News Photo

Nov. 24, 2010


Gregorian Smrithi by Job Mar Philexinos.

Gregorian Memoirs: Sanjay Raphael Varghese.


Management, staff and students of St. Thomas School Sahibabd has celebrated the death anniversary of Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorious (Former President of the society). Photos

Memorial feast of Pulikkottil Joseph Mar Dionysius & Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios. Photos Memorial Speech: Zacharia Mar Aprem, Fr. P. A. Philip


Centenary of Pampakkuda Namaskaram. Photos Speeches: Mar Severios, HH The Catholicos Paulose II, Fr. Dr. Johns Abraham, Fr. K. M. George, Fr. T. J. Joshua.


Books & Cross Release. Speeches: Fr. Dr. Joseph Cheeran, Fr. Dr. K. M. George: 1 2


Malankara Metropolitans Photos at Old Seminary. Photos

Managing Committee Meeting. Gregorian TV News

Paulose Mar Severios Birth Centenary Meeting at Zion Seminary, Koratty. News  Photos

Sermon on St. Gregorios. Delivered at St. Gregorios Church, Elmont, New York on Nov. 7th.

HH The Catholicos will appoint Dr. Zacharia Mar Aprem as the Metropolitan of Catholicos' Office.


An Article about HH Catholicos' Office by Dr. M. Kurian Thomas.

Dr Mar Yulios visualises spiritual counseling, meditation centres for Ahmedabad Diocese By Liju Cherian, M TV. Interview

Blessing ceremony of new diocesan office and bishop house of Banglore Orthodox church, will be held on 25-11-2010 at 9am with the prayerful presence of Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim (Metropolitan of Banglore Diocese) all our diocesan priests and faithful parish members. The New Address: 1st Main, 4th block H B R Lay out Kalyan Nagar P.O., Banglore - 560043. News

A Class on St. Mary. Video

Voice of American Jacobites. A Publication from North American Diocese of Syriac Orthodox Church. PDF File Post Your Comment.

Devotional Thoughts for the Sunday of Annunciation to St. Mary by Jose Kurian Puliyeril.

Nov. 23, 2010


Remembering Gregory of India.   Writings.   Funeral Video.

Auto Biography: English   Malayalam  Biography: Malayalam

HH Baselius Geevarghese II & Fr. Paul Varghese. PDF File

Guru Grgorios by Fr. Dr. K. M. George. PDF File

Gregorian Vision: Two English Articles by Fr. Dr. K. M. George.


Interview: 1 2  3  4  5  6  7 PDF Files: 1 2


Speeches: Enlightenment, Socialism, Science & Technology, Science & Theology, Medical Anthropology, Oscar Psyster Lecture 1992, Ecumenical Movement.


Aa Valsalyathinum Snehathinum Enthu Pakaram Nalkan by Joice Thottackad.

Almavil Thee Pidippikkunna Oru Jeevitham by Joice Thottackad.

Pathrose Mar Osthathios & Paulos Mar Gregorios by Joice Thottackad.


Article by Jojy Vazhuvady.

Managing Committee Decision: Organize a big reception to HH The Catholicos at Ernakulam on Jan. 16, 2011.

St. Thomas OCYM, Dubai inviting the entry's for Mar Theodosius Award 2010. The award will be announced on the occasion of OCYM Gulf Zonal Conference which will be held at Dubai St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral on 2nd Dec. 2010. News

Dr. Mar Yulios will visit Kutch & Saurashtra region churches from 26th Nov onwards. Programme

Dr Mar Yulios concludes Oman visit. News  Photos

Innathe Chintha Vishayam by Fr. Dr. T. J. Joshua. Manorama Nov. 21.

An article about Indian Civil Service by Abu Mathen George IFS (Son of Fr. Dr. K. M. George). Manorama Career Page.


The IAS Dream. Reading Easter in a Resurgent India, The Hedgehog and the Fox

Installation of Holy Relics of Yacoob Bhurdhana at Kunnakkurudy St. George Church. Photos

Annual conference of OCYM& MGOCSM will be held on 27th Nov 2010 at St. Baseliose orthodox church Marthahalli, Banglore. The sections of the conference lead by Geevarghese Mar Coorilose, Dr. Abraham Mar seraphim and Fr. Abraham Thomas.

Dr. Chinnamma John (Wife of P. I. John, Vadakkeppurathu Puthenpurackal, Niranam) is seriously ill. News

Nov. 22, 2010


MOSC Managing Committee on Nov. 23 at Orthodox Seminary Kottayam.

Asianet News Channel will telecast the interview (Point Blank) with HH Moran Mar Baselius Marthoma Paulos II (Catholicos & Malankara Metropolitan) on Monday, 22nd Nov at 10 PM (IST).


The Catholicose and the Catholicate by George Alexander.

Death Centenary Meeting of Paulos Mar Severios at Sion Seminary, Koratty. News Photo

New Book Released by HH The Catholicos. Nirlepam by Geevarghese Mar Ivanios. Foreword: Fr. John Thomas Karingattil. Published by CSS, Thiruvalla. Price: Rs. 60. Page: 112. Cover: 1 2

Dr Mar Yulios leads Holy Qurbana at Rustaq, Al Buraimi during Oman visit. News  Photos

Yakub Mar Elias Elected President of Brahmavar Orthodox Konkani Community. News


The South - Canara Regional Sunday School Competitions  of Brahmavar Diocese was held on 17/11/2010 at St.Gregorios Syrian Orthodox Church, Neliyadi. News  Photos

Dukrono of Saint Gregorios Parumala was observed with ardent devotion and religious fervor by St Gregorios Indian Orthodox Congregation of Glasgow, United Kingdom, on 20th of November 2010. Photos

The 40th Day of remembrance of the late Fr. Mathai Panakal

held on 20th November 2010 with the Holy Qurbana at the Arthat St. Mary's Cathedral. HH Baselius Marthoma Paulose II along with Dr. Pulikkottil Geevarghese Mar Yulios lead the prayer at cemetery. Video


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Election 2010

List of Elected Members from MOSC

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- Fr. Saji Yohannan, Udaipur


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