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Mazhakkinavu (A Short Film). Produced by Orthodox Seminary, Kottayam.

Watch Online

Visudha Koodasakal

(A Documentary on Holy Sacraments)

Directed by M. Kurian Thomas

Produced by John Thomas Watch Now!

Thaborile Thapasan: St. Kuriakose Mar Gregorios Metropolitan

(Documentary) Watch Now

Thaborinte Thejas (Music Album) Watch Now


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H. H. Baselios Mar Thoma Mathews II Catholicos

Dukrono of H. H. Baselios Mar Thoma Mathews II Catholicos.

News: Jan. 5, Jan. 8


Gregorian Community


Gregorian Community. Kottayam Meeting, Jan. 7, 09. News


Malankarasabha Monthly


Malankarasabha Monthly, Dec. 08. Kottayam Maha Sammelanam & MGOCSM Centenary Special. PDF File


Malankara Varghese

Malankara Varghese Memorial Meeting, Perumbavoor, Jan. 11, 4 pm.



Kerala to preserve Christian heritage


Kerala to preserve Christian heritage. more...


Thrikkunnathu Seminary


Thrikkunnathu Seminary. 

Fr. Johns Abraham Konattu's Statement.  Manorama Jan. 8


H. B. Mar Milithios' Statement. Jan. 6, 09. News

Manorama News Jan. 3. Mathrubhoomi News Dec. 31, 08


Bible Reading Card


Bible Reading Card. Published by MGOCSM. PDF File


MGOCSM Centenary

MGOCSM CENTUM GRATIA. Speeches: Mar Coorilos, H. H. Didymus I (Catholios & Supreme Patriarch of MOSC), H. H. Abuna Paulose (Supreme Patriarch of Ethiopia Church), Mar Athanasius, Dr. P. C. Alexander, Oommen Chandy, Mar Chrisostomos, Fr. Johns Abraham Konattu, M. G. George Muthoot, Dr. George Joseph, Joseph M. Puthuseri, Jiji Thomson IAS, Anju Paulose, Fr. Dr. V. M. Abraham


Mar Theophilos on MGOCSM Centenary.

Mar Coorilos on MGOCSM Centenary.

Speech by Thomas Mar Athanasius


Address by "His Holiness Abune Paulos, Patriarch of Ethiopia. Video
Leaders Procession. Video
Ms. Richa John (Kolkatta Diocese) winner of OKR Prathiba Contest. Video


Orthodox Church TV Video


Prathiba Contest: Result  On Centenary Documentary


MGOCSM Centenary Conference. 

Class: Jesus Prayer by Geevarghese Mar Ivanios

Theme Presentation - Arise and Shine by Fr. Dr. K. M. George

Class by Bishop Angaelos

Bible study by Very Rev. Michael Dahulich

Christian Family Life in the Globalised Society by Fr. Dr. O. Thomas

Arise and Shine through the Holy Mysteries by Tenny Thomas

Musical Concert by Fr. M. P. George


Opening Ceremony, Flag Hoisting Lighting the Lamp: Photos

Dec. 27 Photos  Dec. 28 Photos Dec. 29 Photos  Dec. 30 Photos

Dec. 31 Photos


Guruvandanam. Speeches by Geevarghese Mar Coorilos

Zachariah Mar TheophilosDr. P. C. AlexanderFr. T. J. Joshua

Joseph Alexander


H. H. Geevarghese II Catholicos

H. H. Geevarghese II Catholicos. An Old Photo: Geevarghese Mar Gregorios Metropolitan, 1929.


Dukrono of H. H. Geevarghese II Catholicos. MOSC Site Photos: 1 2

A Tribute Page.


Orthodox Church TV Video


Dr. George Joseph


Dr. George Joseph's (Association Secretary) statement. News


H. H. Abuna Paulose

Patriarch's Visit to Devalokam. Manorama News: 1 

Patriarch's Visit to Orthodox Seminary.  Photos  Manorama News: 1  2

MOSC Site Photos 


The Events of 2008


The Events of 2008. Compiled by ICON




SDOF New Website.


T. M. Varghese Memorial Meeting


T. M. Varghese Memorial Meeting at Perumbavoor, Jan. 11, 09. News


Orthodox Prathibha Sangamam


Orthodox Prathibha Sangamam. News


Jacob Kurian Onattu

Jacob Kurian Onattu. News


Ireland Church

Ecumenical Service hosted by the Indian Orthodox Church, Ireland. Photos


St. Gregorios Orthodox Cathedral Bangalore


St. Gregorios Orthodox Cathedral, Bangalore. Christmas Carol, 19 Dec 08.

Watch Now!


MGOCSM Calicut Unit


The members of MGOCSM, Calicut visiting the cancer ward patients in medical college, Calicut on 21st dec 2008. Distributing 40 beds, cakes and medicines for the patients. Dr. Zacharia Mar Theophilos, Fr. Markose, Fr. Varghese Punnakombil, Fr. Mathews and Fr. Varghese Joseph all are coming with us for the programme. Doctors in different depts. of medical college also participate in the function. Photos


Parayil St. George Church


Kunnamkulam Parayil St. George Church Perunnal. News


Dr. George Joseph


Dr. George Joseph's (Association Secretary) Press conference. News: Manorama, Madhayam and Kuwait news. 1  2   3


MGOCSM Centenary


MGOCSM Centenary Meeting. Dec. 30, 2pm. Photos

Manorama News: 1   2 Orthodoxchurch TV Photos


H. H. Abuna Paulos Patriarch. News

MGOCSM Centenary. An Article by Fr. V. M. Abraham: Manorama Dec. 25


MGOCSM Centenary Conference. Programme

Manorama News: Dec  27   Flag Hoisting: Photo


Opening Ceremony, Flag Hoisting Lighting the Lamp: Photos

Orthodox Church TV Photos  Video

Dhoopa Prarthana Watch Now! Flag Hoisting Watch Now!

Thanks Giving Service: Audio Video: Watch Now!

Message: Zacharia Mar Theophilos


Best Wishes to MGOCSM Centenary Celebrations.


Manorama News Dec. 23


Very Rev. Fr. Michael Dahulich, Ph. D (Dean of St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, Pennsylvania) will be visiting Malankara during 28-30 December 2008. more...


Bijoy Samuel

Meditations by Bijoy Samuel.


Nilackal Convention


Puthuppally Nilackal Convention Inauguration. Speeches: Fr. John Joseph Chalaseril, Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorios, Fr. Markose Kalappurackal

Watch Now!: 1 2




OCYM. Press Release. St. Dionysius Memorial Elocution Competition.


Christmas Celebrations


Christmas Celebrations at Germany. Photos News


Waterford, Ireland: St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, Waterford, played host to a Christmas programme on Wednesday. The programme was held at the brightly decorated hall of the church, decked with ribbons, balloons, and a Christmas tree.  Choir by both the children and their parents were the highlights of the event.

Vicar, Fr. Koshy Vaidyan presided the meeting. The programme concluded with Santa Claus initiating a Christmas carol with the children swarming around him. Photos


Christmas Messages

Christmas Messages:  H. H. The Catholicos Didymus I

H. B. Paulose Mar Milithios H. G. Yakob Mar Irenios  Fr. Dr. K. M. George (Principal, Orthodox Seminary) 


Job Mar Philexinos

Job Mar Philexinos Metropoltan: Admitted at Kolencherry MOSC Medical College Hospital.


Anba Angaelos of Coptic Orthodox Church

His Grace Anba Angaelos of Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria (Egypt), will be visiting Malankara during 28-30 December 2008. Bishop Angaelos is the President of the Council of the Oriental Orthodox Churches in the UK. His Grace is the current Coptic Orthodox  Bishop for England and the Patriarchal Exarch for the Youth Ministry at the Patriarchal Center and the Coptic Orthodox Theological College at  Stevenage,England. As a charismatic spiritual head, a distinguished youth leader and a well wisher of Malankara Orhoodox Church, the visit will be remarkable in our history. Bishop Angaelos will be attending the MGOCSM centenary celebrations and will be leading a class and interactive session.


Pinarayi Vijayan

Pinarayi Vijayan visits Devalokam Catholicate Aramana. Manorama News: 1 2 3


K. M. Mathew

K. M. Mathew. News


Programme on Kairali TV


Programme on Kairali TV. Thursday December 25th 2008, UAE Time 07:30 am to 08:00 am - Indian Time 09:00 am to 09:30 am. Notice: 1 2


Thirumoolapuram Church


Thirumoolapuram Church Perunnal. Notice: 1  2  3  4




Kothamangalam. Manorama News Dec. 18 Mangalam Mathrubhoomi


MGOCSM Centenary

To watch the glimpses of the MGOCSM Centenary Haritha Sandesha
Vilambara Rally as it passed through the Pazhaya (Old) seminary and
Cheriapally, Kottayam, visit

As part of the 'Maram oru Varam' campaign, MGOCSM distributed
seedlings of trees at various places during the 6000 km rally. Rev.
Fr. V.M. Abraham talks about the MGOCSM Centenary program at Parumala at the beginning of the video. Watch Now!


T V Programme


Watch Kairali TV on 25th 8.30 am the story of a crushed family.  Stress of a small girl. Theme: God the heavenly father of all. Directed by Fr. T. A. Edayadi & Fr. Thomas P. Mukalil.


His Holiness Abuna Paulose

The Patriarch of the  Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church His Holiness Abuna Paulose will visit the Malankara Church from 29-31 December 2008. His Holiness will arrive at the Trivandrum Interational Airport on 29 where His Holiness will be received by H.B. Paulose Mar Milithios Metropolitan and other Metropolitans of the H. Church. By around 7:00 PM His Holiness will reach Catholicate Aramana where His Holiness will be received by the Primat of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church His Holiness Baselios Marthoma Didymus I. On 31 His Holiness will attend the Centenary celebrations of MGOCSM. His Holiness will return on 31 after the short visit to Malankara Church.


An article about Haile Selasie by Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios. PDF File

An article about Ethiopian Orthodox Church by Varghese John Thottappuzha. PDF File


Ghazibad Church


Ghazibad Church Perunnal. News


Sarit Vihar Church


Sarit Vihar Church. Christmas Carol Service. News Photo


Noida Church


Noida Church. Christmas Carol Competition. News Photos: 1 2




Attacks in Northern Dioceses.  Mamalasery: News Dec. 15

Pampakkuda: Dec. 16 News Dec. 16 1 2 3  Kadamattam News Dec. 11  Nechoor News: 1 2  Manorama Dec. 11 News


Palarivattam St. George Church


Palarivattam St. George Church Perunnal. News


Mukhathala St. Stephens Church


Thiruvananthapuram Bhadrasana Sangamam, Dec. 14, 2 pm at Mukhathala. News: 1 2


MGOCSM Centenary

Nov. 3 Parumala. MGOCSM Meeting:

About Centenary Meeting: Fr. Dr. V. M. Abraham  Speeches: Fr. Dr. V. M. Abraham, Mar Athanasius,  H. B. mar Milithios, C. K. Koshy IAS, Mar Theophilos, John Mathew, Anju Thomas


MGOCSM Centenary Proclamation Rally from 27th Nov. News Poster


Vilambara Rally Flag Off at Pazhaya Seminary on Nov. 24. Video by M TV


MGOCSM Centenary. News  Deepasikha Prayanam Photos at Orthodox Student Centre, Kottayam by Vipin K. Varghese (M TV). Manorama News: Nov. 28


MGOCSM Centenary. Haritha Sandesa Yathra. Deepasikha Prayanam.

Video Watch Now!: 1  2


Day 1 Photos Day 2 Photos, Day 3 Photos Day 4 Photos  Day 5 Photos

Day 6 Photos Day 7 Photos Day 8 Photos  9th Day Photos Manorama News Dec. 6   10th Day Photos  11th Day. Photos

12th Day Photos 13th Day Photos 14th Day Photos

15th Day Photos 16th Day Photos


MGOCSM Centenary Haritha Sandesa Vilambara Rally. Thirumoolapuram to Parumala Seminary. Photos

Speeches: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9


H. H. Geevarghese I Catholicos


80th Dukrono of H. H. Baselios Geevarghese I Catholicos. News

Flag Off News


Bishops Consecration


Bishops Consecration at Puthuppally. News


Daniel Mar Philexinos

18th Dukrono of Daniel Mar Philexinos at Basil Aramana, Pathanamthitta.



Niranam St. Marys Church


Dukrono of St. Thomas at Niranam St. Marys Church.

News Dec. 13, Dec. 15:  1   2   3


Geevarghese Mar Osthathios

Navathy Celebrations at Mavelikkara. Photos Video Clip Watch Now!

Mar Osthathios Lecture 2008 at Thiruvalla. Photos

News: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Thousands of Christians were attacked

Thousands of Christians were attacked by Fr. Dr. George Pulikkottil.


Sruthy School of Liturgical Music


Holy Qurbana Songs and Pradakshina Geethangal Published by Sruthy School of Liturgical Music.


Mar Theodosius Award

Dubai St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral. Mar Theodosius Award. News Photo


Mukhathala St. Stephens Church


Thiruvananthapuram Bhadrasana Sangamam, Dec. 14, 2 pm at Mukhathala. Pray, participate and express our solidarity with our brothers at St. Stephens Church, Mukhathala.


Tension in St. Stephens Church Mukhathala. The church was established in 1892. After the unity and split the church was closed due to law and order.


Fr. M. P. George

Fr. M. P. George's Sangeetha Kachery at Senate Hall, Trivandrum.

Watch Now!



OSSAE, UAE. Silver Jubilee Celebrations. News. Photos


H. H. Didymus i

Christmas Message by H. H. The Catholicos Didymus I. Mathrubhoomi,

Dec. 10


Geevarghese Mar Osthathios

Article about Geevarghese Mar Osthathios by Fr. Thomas John Mavelil.

PDF File


Yuhanon Mar Milithos

Women's One Day Conference at St. Mary's White Plains.

Speech by Yuhanon Mar Milithos.


MGOCSM Centenary

Haritha Sandesa Yathra. 

12th Day Photos 13th Day Photos 14th Day Photos


MGOCSM Centenary. Prathibha Sangamam. News

11th Day. Photos 10th Day Photos 9th Day Photos Manorama News Dec. 6



M TV: A Letter from Joice Thottackad (Online Editor).

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The tonsuring of Bishop Designates to monastic orders


The tonsuring of Bishop Designates to monastic orders.

9.30 am Photos  10.30 am Photos  11.30 am Photos  12 pm Photos


Video by M TV. Watch Now! 1  2  3  4


Consecration of the new wing of STOTS, Nagpur


Consecration of the new wing of STOTS, Nagpur. News Photo


Thrikkunnathu Seminary


Thrikkunnathu Seminary. Manorama News: Dec. 9


Kandanad diocesan bulletin


Kandanad diocesan bulletin is an outstanding magazine of the Malankara Church, with excellent articles. Diocesan Metropolitan H. G. Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios is a famous theologian and philosopher of our church, his thoughts is admirable. He addresses all contemporary issues related to church and social life through his letter which is the leading article of the publication. Many of our people are not aware about this publication. This issue editorial is touching. Congratulations to the chief editor Mr. P. J. Varghese and the editorial board. Editorial: 1  2


Malakara Varghese

Malankara Varghese Action Council. Manorama News: Dec. 6, Dec. 9


Irikkoor Tragedy

H.G. Dr. Zachariah Mar Theophilos (Metropolitan,Diocese of Malabar) visited the school and houses of departed students at Irikkur in Kannur district. His Grace expressed shock and grief at tragic accident. His Grace distributed monetary aid of one lakh to kin of children who died in the accident. Photos




Yuvadarpanam, Nov. 2008.


Yuvajana Sabdam


Yuvajana Sabdam, Dec. 08.




Darsanam, Dec. 2008.


Russian Orthodox Church


Russian Orthodox Church Holy Synod elects Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad as Patriarchal Locum Tenens. more...

Manorama news: Dec. 6


H. H. Augen I Catholicos

23rd Dukrono of H. H. Augen I Catholicos. more...  News

MOSC Site Photos


Fr. George Pulikkottil

Advent – the Season of Anticipation and Hope by Fr. George Pulikkottil, (STOTS, Nagpur, India).


Thrikkunnathu Seminary

Thrikkunnathu Seminary Students. Photos


Malakara Varghese

Malakara Varghese Memorial Meeting. Manorama News

Mathrubhoomi News


Kandanad West Diocese


Kandanadu West Diocesan Day  was celebrated on December 7th at Mar Augen Nagar, South Piramadom. Celebrations were inaugurated by H.H.Baselios Marthoma Didymus I Catholicos in a meeting presided by H.B.Paulose Mar Milithios Metropolitan.H.G.Dr. Mathews Mar Severios Metropolitan welcomed the gathering. B.Ganeshkumar M.L.A. delivered the  Keynote address.  Special school for physically and mentally handicapped was inaugurated on the occasion by H.H.the Catholicos.

News MOSC Site Photos

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