Writings of Bijoy Samuel

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Orthodox Music

Love at the Cross

90 Days Meditation

Am I on Duty?

Catholicate Centenary Song

Path of the Parables (A Bible Story)

Win on Sin


Am I Christian

Pentecost Retreat

Memories Worship

A Story: A Gulf Edition

I am Presence, God

Heart at Bank

Aching of Man

Convention & Convenience

Gash of the Grapes


Holy Spirit


Scrutiny of Jesus

Information about Mayaltho PDF File


Saint George (Poem)

True Faith

Miracle Hour


Naam Aaraanu  Part I & Part II

Made in Heaven

Realized and Returned

Thoughts of Great Lent.

Poem & Article about St. Pampady Thirumeni.

Pure Cure

101 Questions Answered Part 2

90 Days Meditation Part 2 Part3


Night's Music

Waves in Heart

Noorinte Niravil...

4th 90 days meditation part I

One plus One is One

The Wick - Fire - Song

The Holy Hymn - Song

Today's Tears is Tomorrow's Cheers - Short Story

Are Believers in Relief

Smartness in Suffer.

Prodigal Son's wounds

A Song of David - Song

Vachanam Vachanippe Vaagippe - Song

101 Questions & Answers Part I

A Christmas Story PDF File

Letter from Jesus PPT

Emergency Contact Verses PDF File

Highway to Heaven - Song

Wednesday & Friday

Lord's Prayer & Laymen

Eyes on Earth

The Real Truth - Song

A True Vine from East - Song

God's Hello

Athmeeya Vikalangar

The Cross

Song about St. Mary


A Prayer


A Friend in life

Maveliyum Lazarum

St. Mary

Transfiguration of Jesus

Fish and Man

Aasakale Yesuvilaku (A Song)

A Letter to Earth

Life on Holy Verse

Lord is My Shepherd

The Time of begging

Wailing of a leaf (Oru Elayude Vilapam)

Thoma Sleehayude Thanalil (In the shadow of St. Thomas) PDF File

Earth's Heart Attack

Vachanasudha of St. Gregorios.

Living in Hearts

Thoughts of Pentecost Part III

Aalmiya mandalathile Aalma nombarangal. PDF File

The Blood of the Martyrs is the Seed of the Church. PDF File

An Article about Pampady Thirumeni by Bijoy Samuel. PDF File

Ettonichan's Easter. Story by Bijoy Samuel.

Meditations by Bijoy Samuel. 1)  Agappe (2) Suboro (3) Kothine (4) Garbo (5) Msariyo (6) Knanaitho (7) Kpiptho (8) Samyo (9) Please don't do (10) Thaborile Nanma

Passion Week Meditations

(1) Hosana (2) Palm Sunday Song (3) Pesaha & Good Friday (4) Holy Easter

Manjjuthulliyayi.. mazhathulliyayi

Ente mumpile nizhal

Meditations for Nineveh Fast.

Children of God (Meditations). Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Life with Prayers. PDF File

Mother and Manger. PDF File

St. Mary and Peace. PDF File

Oru Kauma Dooram. PDF File

'mizhineerin elamchoodinal dukkamegangal anugragamazhazhi' (Song). PDF File

Parumala Parimalam. PDF File

Black face of Angel. PDF File

Livingsoul of Pravasee. PDF File

Don't Leave Me. PDF File

Vachanathe Valarthanam. PDF File

Mauna Ganangal PDF File

St. Mary: The Best Co-ordinator PDF File

A Short Story - Wishes & Blessings. PDF File

Thoughts of Pentecosti. Part 2 PDF File

One Day with Jesus. PDF File

Fianance crisis in Spiritual way. PDF File

Easter 2009. PDF File

Meditations 21-30, 31-41, 42-55 (PDF File)

Malankara Sabha Thejas (Song) PDF File

Swarga Theeram (Song) PDF File

BhayaBakthiyum Bheekarathayum. PDF File

Meditations 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12   13 - 20

(PDF Files)

Jesus inside the Shining Stars. PDF file

Dukhangalkkum Aghoshangalo? PDF File

St. Gregorios of Parumala (A Power Point Presentation)

Sr. Alphonsa (A Power Point Presentation)

Saints@Holy Bible. PDF File


3 Days Lent. PDF File

90 days Meditation: Burden & Blessings. PDF File

The Apple & The Heart

Thoughts of Pentecosti Html File

Mobile Vs Holy Spirit Html File

Joseph's Life Jpeg File

Manavattee Nee Orugiyo 1  2   3   4   5   6   7   8

Eden Fruits PDF File

Maruroopa Malayile Megha Sandesam (Koodarapperunnal) PDF File

The Best Co-ordinator PDF File


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English    1