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M TV: A Letter from 
Online Editor. PDF File


Mazhakkinavu (A Short Film). Produced by Orthodox Seminary,


Watch Online

Visudha Koodasakal

(A Documentary on Holy Sacraments)

Directed by M. Kurian Thomas

Produced by John Thomas Watch Now!

Thaborile Thapasan: St. Kuriakose Mar Gregorios Metropolitan

(Documentary) Watch Now

Thaborinte Thejas (Music Album) Watch Now


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Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios

International Kerala Study Congress, Trivandrum, 1994. Organized by AKG Centre. Keynote Address by Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios.


Compiled by Joice Thottackad.


Passion Week

Pessah Sermon 09

Passion Tuesday Sermon by H. G. Yuhanon Mar Milithos.


Palm Sunday Sermon 08   Passion Monday Meditation 08

Pesaha Sermon 08   March 25, 08 Sermon


H. E. Severius Moses Gurgan

Metropolitan Mor Severius Moses Gurgun ordaining a priest in Belgium. Video


Kunnakkurudy Church


Kunnakkurudy Church (Ankamaly Diocese) destroyed because of tempest on April 7, 5 pm. Manorama Photo, April 8.


Passion Week


Meditations by Bijoy Samuel



Palm Sunday celebrated in Mezhuvely Holy Innocent Church. Video



Palm Sunday celebrated in Gulf Orthodox Churches. Manorama Video.


Palm Sunday celebrated in Mezhuvely Holy Innocent Church. Video Photos

Holy Innocent Church, Mezhuvely. Passion Week Programme: 1 2 3 4


Palm Sunday service at St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi. Video & Photos



St. Dionysius of Vattaseril

Diary of St. Dionysius (Vattaseril). Compiled and Edited by Dr. Yakob Mar Irenios. Exclusive (PDF File)




Yuvajanashabdam April  2009. (A news bulletin from ST. THOMAS ORTHODOX YOUTH MOVEMENT, SARITA VIHAR, NEW DELHI)




Georgian, March 2009.


Consecration of the Holy Chrism


Consecration of Holy Myron: Frequently Asked Questions

by Georgy S Thomas.


Manorama News, April 3, April 4: 1   2   3   4    5


Consecration of the Holy Chrism. M TV Videos  (8 Parts) M TV Photos

Audios: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (Sermon by Fr. T. J. Joshua), Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 (Holy Qurbana by H. B. Paulose Mar Milithios), Part 7


MOSC Site Photos  Manorama News Video


A short documentary of Holy Muron - Explanation, Preparation etc by Rev. Fr. Yuhanon John (Asst. Manager of Parumala Seminary)


Dinantha Deepam Special Edition. PDF File


Malankarayile Aadyakaala Mooron Koodasakal by Dr. M. Kurian Thomas & Varghese John Thottappuzha. PDF File


H. G. Thomas  Mar Athanasios


Fountation Laid 4 H. G. Thomas  Mar Athanasios Sapthati Smaraka
Auditorium & Celebration of HG's 71st Birthday At Bethel Aramana on
3rd April 2009. Photos


H. G. Joseph Mar Dionysius

H. G. Joseph Mar Dionysius. Manorama News Video


Mar Gregorios Movement, Kuwait


Mar Gregorios Movement, Kuwait. Silver Jubilee Celebrations News. Photo


Lent: Devotional Thoughts


Liturgical Weeks of the Holy Fast. Sermons by Rev. Fr. Varghese P. Idichandy.


Retreat by Fr. Zacharia Ninan Chirathilattu (Sakher). Delivered at Mar Kuriakose Dayara, Pampady.


H. E. Severius Moses Gurgan


H. E. Severius Moses Gurgan. Mangalam News, April 3

Service Book of Passion Week


Service Books of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter are prepared in English and Malayalam is available online.


Kochi Diocese



Europe & Africa Diocese


Europe & Africa Diocese. His Holiness Moran Mor Baselius Marthoma Didymus I's Circular to H. G. Mathews Mar Themothios. PDF File: 1 2

Churches List

H. G. Mathews Mar Themothios' Circular: English, Malayalam


Delhi Diocese Sunday School


Delhi Diocese Sunday School. News


St. Gregorios of Pampady

A Personal Letter from St. Gregorios of Pampady written at Kunnamkulam, 1935. Compiled by George Philip T., Kottayam. PDF File


Dukrono of St. Gregorios of Pampady. Flag Off


Flag Off, Museum Inauguration & Book Release. Photos


Official Website of Pampady Dayara. Pampady Perunnal Mini Site.


Official Publication about St. Gregorios of Pampady. Book will release at Pampady Dayara on 29 March 2009 at 2 pm.  Manorama News, March 30: 1   2  Speeches: Fr. Dr. K. M. George, H. G. Mar Ivanios, H. E. Uthradam Thirunal Marthandavarma, H. G. Mar Severios, Jacob Kurian Onattu, H. G. Mar Osthathios, Oommen Chandy, Fr. Mathew K. John



M TV Balance Sheet 2008 April 1- 2009 March 31. PDF File


H. H. Baselios Geevarghese II


H. H. Baselios Geevarghese II's Kappapetty found at Kurichi St. Peters & St. Pauls Church. M TV News   Photos




OCYM Kottayam Diocese. Retreat by Fr. Zacharia Ninan Chirathilattu (Sakher). Delivered at Mar Kuriakose Dayara, Pampady.


Parliament Election 2009


News. March 27, 1.30 pm. M TV News

News March 28: Manorama, Desabhimani

News about Patriarch Group. Desabhimani, March 28


Catholicate Day


Catholicate Day Message by H. G. Geevarghese Mar Ivanios. Delivered at Mar Kuriakose Dayara, Pampady.


Catholicate Day Celebration & Seminar at Sarit Vihar Church, Delhi. News


Mathrubhoomi News


H. G. Yuhanon Mar Policarpose


H. G. Yuhanon Mar Policarpose's Birth Day Celebrations (March 30, 09) & Newly ordained deacons. Photos


Tonsuring to Monastic Orders


Fr. M. D. John (Manager, Parumala Seminary) & Fr. K. V. Joseph (Asst. Manager, Parumala Seminary) tonsuring to monastic orders, Parumala April 15.


Catholicate Centenary


Malannkara Orthodox Church: Catholicate Centenary Mini Site.


Catholica Nidhi Sekharana Report, 1935. EXclusive


Kanjikkal Eliamma John


Kudassanad Kanjikkal Eliamma John (Wife of Thumpamon Vadakke Thzhethil Kanjikkal Chacko John & Mother of H. G. Gabriel Mar Gregorios) is died at Mandiram Hospital, Manganam, Kottayam. News


Funeral Photos


St. Gregorios of Pampady


Dukrono of St. Gregorios of Pampady. Manorama News, March 24


Official Publication about St. Gregorios of Pampady. Book will release at Pampady Dayara on 29 March 2009 at 2 pm.

Manorama Suppliment: 1  2  3  4  5  Museum Inauguration News


Sarit Vihar Church


Catholicate Day Celebration & Seminar at Sarit Vihar Church, Delhi. News


Pulikkottil Mar Dionysius II

Centenary of the demise of Pulikkottil Mar Dionysius II'.

Manorama News, March 26


St. Dionysius of Vattaseril


An Old Photo of Vattasseril Thirumeni in mosul (Iraq).


Fr. Mathai Edayanal


Retreat by Fr. Mathai Edayanal. Delivered at Vallikkattu Dayara, Kottayam, March 27.


Holy Qurbana by Fr. Mathai Edayanal.


Consecration of the Holy Chrism


Consecration of the Holy Chrism (Mooron). Mnorama News, March 27


Parliament Election 2009


Manorama News, March 27


Oommen Chandy's Statement. M TV News, March 26

Discussions with P. J. Kurian  failed. Desabhimani News, March 26


Lent: Devotional Thoughts


Liturgical Weeks of the Holy Fast. Sermon by Rev. Fr. Varghese P. Idichandy - Part 2


Catholicate Centenary


Malannkara Orthodox Church: Catholicate Centenary Mini Site.

Final Judgments: Supreme Court & High Court. Exclusive




M TV: A Request from Online Editor. PDF File


Holy Week in Germany


Holy Week in Germany. News


Parliament Election 2009


H. G. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios' Response. Manorama News March 25


George Joseph's (Association Secretary) Speech at Perumpavoor Malankara Varghese Memorial Meeting, Jan. 09. About Parliament Election 2009.


Malankara Varghese


Fasting Dharna demanding for speed up CBI enquiry of Malankara Varghese murder case on 26 th March at 10 am - 1.30 pm. near High Court Jn., Ernakulam (infront of Lalan Tower). Organized by T. M. Varghese Action Council.  Manorama News March 27


Thrikkunnathu Seminary


Thrikkunnathu Seminary & Newly ordained Deacons. Photos


The "Sunthroneeso Susrusha" of H. G. Yuhanon Mar Polycarpos. Manorama News March 22: 1   2   3


H. G. Mathews Mar Ephiphanios


H. G. Mathews Mar Ephiphanios: 41 st Day of demise. Photos

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