Kerala's famous poetess and leading social worker Sugathakumari was delivering her reply speach after receiving Nilackal Religious Harmony Award from H.B.The Catholicos Designate Poulose Mar Milithios Metroplolitan at a grand ceremony at Kanjirappally. The dignitaries on the dais included PWD Minister Mr.P.J.Joseph, H.B.Mar Militheos, H.G.Dr.Geevarghese mar Osthathios Metropolitan, Dr.Zacharias Mar Theophilos Safragon Metropolitan of Marthoma church, Kanjirappally Bishop Mar Mathew Arackal, Bishop Thomas Samuel of CSI Church, Rev.Dr.Antony Nirappel, Anto anony MP, Alphonse Kannanthanam MLA, Imam Naushad Moulavi, Dr.A.T.Devasia etc. She mentioned about a poor very sick Muslim girl who came to her for help. The girl was admitted to the hospital and  had to undergo a surgery immediately. The doctors advised to arrange for blood. It was late night and Sugathakumari contacted many sources who donate blood. Only one person came out to help. It was a deacon of
Orthodox Church by name Cherian. Sugathakumari pointed out that the Good Samaritan of that night was none other than the present H.G.Dr.Zacharias Mar Theophilos Metropolitan. She narrated this incident as a noble example of religious harmony. A Muslim girl sought help from Sugathakumari who is a Hindu and and a Christian donated blood to save her life.

This narration made us, the members of the Orthodox Church who were present including H.B.Mar Militheos, H.G.Mar Osthathios, Rev.Dr.Mathew Vaidyan, other priests from St.Paul's Mission and deacons, happy and proud. As Sugathakumari sat next to H.B.Mar Militheos on the dais she had already told about this incident to His Beatitude. So when the poetess started to mention about this in her speech H.B.Mar Militheos told me that it was about our Malabar Diocese Metroplolitan. I would like to express gratitude for making us proud in an audience of people from different churches and respect to H.G.Dr.Zacharias Mar Theophilos Metropolitan.

Report by Raju Markose, Principal, Kanjirappally St.Antony's College of International Studies.