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M TV Latest News

Manthalir St. Thomas Orthodox Church: Court order in favour of the Orthodox church

Manthalir St.Thomas Orthodox Church

Manthalir St.Thomas Orthodox Church: Court order in favour of the 
Orthodox church. News

Kerala Seventh Standard Textbook issue

Njangalkku aakasa Midayikalavanam. Article by Maina Umaibhan 
(Mathrubhoomi, July 6)
Kerala Seventh Standard Textbook issue: My Opinion by Yuhanon Mar Milithos
Kerala Seven Standard Social Science book  PDF File (8 MB)
Download Controversial Portions of 7 Standard Book
Desabhimani June 28  Desabhimani News: July 1   Mangalam July 2

St. Thomas

St. Thomas Mega Seraial. News (Mathrubhoomi, July 6)

Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios

A Light Too Bright by Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios. 
Neoplatonism and Indian Philosophy by Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios. 

Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios

Interview with Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios.

St. Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church, Bahrain


St. Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church, Bahrain Jubilee News PDF File

Marian CharitableProjects: Marian Educational Help, Marian Sick Aid more...  PDF File 


St. Dionysius Orthodox Syrian Church, New Zealand

St. Dionysius Orthodox Syrian Church, New Zealand. News

Bishop Election

Circulars 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
MOSC: Bishop Election Norms. Pdf File

K. C. Varghese

PDF File
Athmeeya Fasisathinte Aalkkootta Manasasthram by K. C. Varghese
Malayalam Varikha, June 13. PDF File

Fr. Dr. K. M. George

32 Malayalam Articles: PDF File Exclusive
(Prayer Book for Sick, 'Ente Krupa Ninakku Mathi') Exclusive
Pastoral Care PDF File  Pseudo Gods. PDF File Desabhimani  June 3
god - CONSCIOUSNESS: chopra’s Discovery of Jesus the 
“buddha”  Html File

Article on Geevarghese Mar Osthathios' Theology. PDF File


Pazhanji St. Mary's Orthodox Church

Pazhanji St. Mary's Orthodox Church Koodasa, May 9, 10. Photos


Dr. P. C. Mathew Ancheril

Architectonics of Pastoral Care by Dr. P. C. Mathew Ancheril
Book Release & Symposium on June 12 at Public Library Hall, Kottayam. 
Notice  Speech: Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasius MP3 File (5 MB) Photos


Fr. Dr. Johns Abraham

An interview with Rev. Fr. Johns Abraham Konat, Priest Trustee, MOSC



Fr. Dr. George Pulikkottil


Mathangalude Sandesam by Fr. Dr. George Pulikkottil.




Panthrandu Sleehanmar (12 Apostles) by Fr. Paulose Aathunkal PDF File

Pathrose Mar Osthathios PDF File

Nazrani Kesari Akkara Kurian Writer by C. Cherian PDF File


Kandanad Grandhavary
Kandanad Grandhavary by Semavoon Mar Deevannasios 
(First Metropolitan of Kochi Diocese)
MJD Publishing House is going to publish full church history of 1800-1900 of
malankara in July 12, 2008. Written by Semavoon Mar Divannasiose, 
direct witness of the events. more....
Editor: Fr. Joseph Cheeran      Publisher: Fr. George Pulikkottil
Mulamthuruthy Synod Decisions, 1876  PDF File 
Semavoon Mar Deevannasios: A Profile PDF File  
Letter written by St. Parumala Thirumeni PDF File
1873 Parumala Synod PDF File   Yuyakkim Mar Koorilos' Funeral PDF File


Old News Paper Reports


Philipose Mar Theophilos: An Interview, Article by Paulos Mar Gregorios

(Manorama, 1990 May 9)


Rev. P. C. Yohannan Rempan
Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Dayaroyooso Photos
Prakasithanayi (Documentary on Very Rev. P. C. Yohannan Rempan)
Watch Now
Biography of Very Rev. P. C. Yohannan Rempan. IInd Edition PDF File


Divya Sandesam

Divya Sandesam Sermons
Fr. Mohan Joseph MP3 File (5 MB)
Fr. Varghese P. Idichandy MP3 File (4 MB)

Bijoy Samuel

1. Thoughts of Pentecosti

2. The Apple and the Heart (Meditations)

3. English & Malayalam Songs by Bijoy Samuel


Orthodox Herald

Orthodox Herald, June 11 PDF File
Pastoral Care by Fr. Dr. K. M. George.

Dakshina Dwani

Dakshina Dwani, June 2008.
Yuhanon Mar Milithos: An Exclusive Interview by Vipin K. Varghese.

Augen Mar Dionysius

First Dukrono of Augen Mar Dionysius, June 5, 6, Vallikkattu Dayara. 
Notice 1  2    Photos

Vettickal St. Thomas Dayara

Vettickal St. Thomas Dayara. Photos:  1   2  
History about Dayara by Very Rev. Eldho Remban MP3 File
Letter written by St. Parumala Thirumeni PDF File

'Rejoice in Prayer'

Revised edition of 'Rejoice in Prayer ' compiled by Rev. Fr. Biju. P Thomas.
PDF File

Venal Thanima 2008

Venal Thanima 2008 News

St. Dionysius of Vattasseril

Centenary of Metropolitan Consecration of St. Dionysius.   
News  Photos    Orthodox Herald Report 
Speeches (MP3 Files): Mar Pachomios  Fr. M. C. Kuriakose, 
Fr. Johns Abraham Konattu, Fr. Dr. B. Varghese, Fr. Dr. John Panicker

Kaalika Vicharana

Kaalika Vicharana by Fr. John Thomas Karingattil 
Introduction MP3 File  Pseudo Gods. MP3 File

Fr. Dr. Joseph Cheeran

Books written by Fr. Dr. Joseph Cheeran.

1. Indian Orthodox Sabha Charithra Vijnasakosam

2. Indian Orthodox Church: Hstory & Culture.

3. Indian Orthodox Church A.D. 52-2007

(Church History for the young world)

4. Malankara Sabhayum Syrian Patriarkeesanmmarude

Adhikara Durviniyogavum (Church History) PDF Files

5. Kandanad Grandhavary   more....

P. Thomas Piravam

1. The London Edition of the Baily’s Malayalam Bible

2. The Starting of the Catholicate Day Collection in Malankara Orthodox Church by P. Thomas Piravam

Viswa Snehadarsanam
Viswa Snehadarsanam, Jan. - March, 2008
Article on Geevarghese Mar Osthathios' Theology by Fr. Dr. K. M. George
Article on Malankara Church dispute by Dr. M. P. Mathai
OCYM: Kottayam Diocese Annual Meeting
OCYM: Kottayam Diocese Annual Meeting. Photos  1   2
Speeches: Yuhanon Mar Milithos, Oommen Chandy
Dakshinadwani has selected as the Best Magazine &
Vipin K. Varghese has selected as the Best Editor.
Fr. John Thomas Karingattil
Prasanga Peedathile Suvarna Navukal (A Practical guide to worship and 
preaching) by Fr. John Thomas Karingattil. Foreword: fr. Dr. K. M. George
Book Release on May 31 at Pazhaya Seminary. 
Price: Rs. 65/-   Published by: bodhibookspandalam@gmail.com
Malankara Association, Sept., 2008
Malankara Association, Sept., 2008: Preliminary Meeting, Pampakkuda, 
May 24 Photos by Vipin K. Varghese (M TV)
Vedha Paravarathin Theerathu
Vedha Paravarathin Theerathu (Poems) by John Kunnathu. 
Land deals of Kolenchery based private gospel groups.
Land deals of Kolenchery based (M. Y. Yohannan & others) private 
gospel groups. Deshabhimani May 24
OCYM Annual Conference 2008
OCYM Annual Conference 2008, Vettickal Dayara.  Photos
Manorama News May 23    President's Report
Photos by Vipin K. Varghese (M TV)
Kudasanad Pallibhagam St. Stephens OCYM has selected as the Best Unit 
among the Malankara Orthodox Christian Youth Movement.
Thanku Brother
Police Dept. raided Heavenly Feast's Office & Thanku Brother's house. 
Deshabhimani May 24: 1  2  3  4  5
BJP March News: May 24 Manorama 1 2 Kaumudhi 1  Mangalam 1 2
Income Tax Dept. raided Thanku Brother's (Heavenly Feast) house. 
Mangalam May 20, Kerala Kaumudhi May 20

Malankara Church Dispute

Malankara Church Dispute. Mangalam May 6.

Dr. Thomas Mar Macarios

Life of Dr. Thomas Mar Macarios: A Slideshow Part 1  Part 2
by Dn. Joice Yesudasan Pappan
Kallada Valiapally
Kallada Valiapally Perunnal & Pilgrim Centre Declaration Programme
Education Scholarship
St. Thomas OCYM, Dubai, Education Scholarship. Application Form
Vineeth John Passes away
Vineeth John, son of John Kunnathu (Houston, Texas) Passes away.
Funeral will be at St. George Orthodox church, Mukhathala, near Kollam.
Funeral Details

Chandanappally Perunnal 2008

Chandanappally Perunnal 2008. May 7, 8 Photos

Chandanappally St. George Orthodox Valiyapally Consecration Souvenir.

PDF Files: 1   2    3


Almayavedhi Magazine

Puthuppally Pally Suppliment. PDF File
Almayavedhi April 2008. PDF File


H. G. Job Mar  Philexinos

H. G. Job Mar  Philexinos' Birthday May 8

Sunday School UAE District

Sunday School UAE District Silver Jubilee News Photo
OCYM Sharja Unit
OCYM Sharja Unit Charitable Projects. News Photo 1 2

Puthuppally Perunnal 2008

Puthuppally Perunnal 2008. Photos  May 5, 6, 7. Kodiyettu video


Prof. Ninan Abraham



A Church Related Enterprise of 1944-47

by Prof. Ninan Abraham (Ex. Vice Chancellor Kanpur University)


Koduvelil Kudumbayogam

Koduvelil Kudumbayogam Annual Meeting, May 1, 2008 Photos


EPHATHA: New magazine from St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral Youth 
Movement, Dubai, UAE

Thiruvithamcodu St. Thomas International Pilgrim Centre

"Arappally" Book Release, Devalokam, 21-4-08. Photos

Thiruvithamcodu Arappally Charithrathiloode by Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorios PDF File


The historic Thiruvithamcodu Church was built by St. Thomas, the Apostle of India in 63 AD in the name of the Holy Mother St. Mary. This is believed to be one of the oldest church structures in the world.  Photos By Joice Thottackad & Vipin K. Varghese. Route


Church Accounts Committee Office Inauguration

Church Accounts Committee Office Inauguration, Devalokam, Kottayam, 
21-4-2008. Photos
Revision of Liturgy in the Malankara Orthodox Church


Revision of Liturgy in the Malankara Orthodox Church: A Symposium conducted online. Html File / PDf File


Thaborile Thapasan

Thaborile Thapasan (Documentary)

Director: M. Kurian Thomas   Producer: Rev. P. C. Yohannan Rampan

Watch Now


Thaborinte Thejas (Music Album)

Director: M. Kurian Thomas Watch Now


Malankara Orthodox TV 

M TV: A Request from Joice Thottackad   PDF File


New Syrian Mission in Rhode Island


A New Mission in the manner of Burbank mission with people from Syria is inaugurated in Rhode Island (USA). Photos of the first visit of HG Yuhanon Mar Meletius to the mission on 13th April 2008. more...


Fr. Thomas John


Fr. Thomas John's Articles.


MGOCSM Centenary charity challenge Project competition


St. Mary's ,Thiruvarambur has won First Prize in MGOCSM Centenary

charity challenge Project competition which were conduct at Chennai

on Jan 12 -15. Photos  News


Yuhanon Mar Milithos

An Exclusive Interview by Joice Thottackad. PDF File

ICON Interviews H. G. Yuhanon Mor Meletius Metropolitan. Html File


The video of Holy Qurbana(English)  celebrated by H. G. Dr. Yuhanon Mar Milithios at St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church, Philadelphia, US, on March 9th, 2008, Catholicate Day.


The Current Leadership Crisis in the Malankara Orthodox Church

The Current Leadership Crisis in the Malankara Orthodox Church. 
A Symposium Conducted Online 2001- 2007   Html File
American Diocese: Its Past, Present and Future
American Diocese: Its Past, Present and Future.  Html File

Clergy Transfer in American Diocese


Clergy Transfer in American Diocese:

A Symposium Conducted Online 2001- 2007   PDF & Html Files


Communion, Confession & Absolution


Communion, Confession & Absolution

A Symposium Conducted Online PDF & Html File


Pampady Perunnal 2008


Pampady Perunnal. 43 rd Dukrono of St. Gregorios of Pampady,

St. Kuriakose Dayara, Pampady. April 4, 5.

Biography in Malayalam by K. V. Mammen & Joice Thottackad PDF File  

Programme Notice


Photos & Speeches


Biography (Written by K. M. Kuriakose) Release Photos

Speech: Dr. Jancy James (VC, MG University) MP3 File (3 MB)

HG Geevarghese Mar Ivanios MP3 File (2 MB) Memorial Address: Fr. T. J. Joshua MP3 File (3 MB)  Speeches: Fr. P. C. Yohannan Rempan MP3 File

(2 MB) Mamen Varghese MP3 File (2 MB) Sujith K. Nair MP3 File (2 MB)


An Article by Rev. P. C. Yohannan Rampan, Pampady Dayara


Pampady K. G. College. Inauguration of Audio Video Alcove &

Farewell Meeting. Photos


Thomas Mar Athanasius' Sapthathi

Thomas Mar Athanasius' Sapthathi, Chenganoor, April 3. News PDF File
Photos & Speeches 
Mar Athanasios: Viswasthanum Karyasthanum (Documentary)
Directed by M. Kurian Thomas. Produced by Bethel Creations. Exclusive
Nazrani Devalaya Vasthu Vidya, Ed. by HG  Thomas Mar Athanasius,  
Published by MOC Publications. Research: M. Kurian Thomas 
& Joice Thottackad  PDF File Exclusive


Mar Macarios' 40th Day

Mar Macarios' 40th Day, Devalokam April 2.  Evening Prayer Photos News
Mar Macarios' Memorial Service more...

Yuhanon Mar Milithos

Visit to the new congregation in Las Vegas in Nevada state near
California. Photos
OCYM: Bringing out the best in the Youth: 
An interview with H.G Yuhanon Mor Meletius
The Sermon delivered by HG Mar Meletius on the Feast of Vachanippu 
(Annunciation) at St. Gregorios Orthodox Church of San Francisco. 
WMA File
Pesaha 2008 Speech WMA File
Qyamta Liturgy St. Gregoriose Orthodox Church of San Francisco, 
celebrated at St. Antonius Coptic Orthodox Church. Photos

Washing of the feet by HG Yuhanon Mar Meletius at St. Antonius Coptic Orthodox Church. Assisted by Fr. Mathews George and Chorepiscopus Fr.

Joseph Tarzi. Photos


Pesaha Liturgy officiated by Yuhanon Mar Milithos at St. Antonius Coptic Orthodox Church.  Photos

Short article on the Liturgy of the Washing of the Feet.


Holy week program at St. Gregoriose Orthodox Church of India, San Francisco. Programme

Palm Sunday Sermon WMA File (2 MB)

Hasa Monday Meditation WMA File (17 MB) Photos 1  2

Photos & Reports: P. A. Thomas.


A Song for Easter to Pentecost Days


A Song for Easter to Pentecost Days. PDF File   Audio (MP3 File) 1 2


Neuro Thelogy Seminar

Seminar on Neuro Theology, April 2, Sophia Centre, Kottayam. Photos
Speeches: Fr. Dr. K. M. George, Rev. R. C. Thomas

Art of Healthy Living

'Art of Healthy Living' - Health Awareness Seminar 
held on 28/3/2008 
at Shaab Leisure Park Auditorium, to promote 'Mar Theodosius Cancer 
Care for the Poor' project. News  1   2   Photo

An Open Letter from P. C. Cherian Madukkani


An Open Letter from P. C. Cherian Madukkani. more...

Pampady CPM Seminar:

Plakkardukal Uyarthiyavarkkethire Prathikarichathayi Kandilla

by P. C. Cherian Madukkani PDF File

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