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Devotional Thoughts for the Sunday of the feast of the Infant Martyrs - 27th Dec 09 by Jose Kurian Puliyeril.


Scripture Readings of This week.


Dec. 30, 09


Abu Dhabi St. George Orthodox Cathedral Youth Movement donating one house for St.Dionysius Orthodox Foundation's House Project.The amount is recieving by Fr. T.J.Joshua,S.D.O.F. Senior Advisor and Vice Principal of Old seminary from Mr. Bobby Eapen, OCYM Unit secretary , Abu Dhabi.SDOF General Secretary Fr. M.C.Kuriakose and Fr. C.C. Cherian ( Orthodox Seminary) also attended the function.


Dec. 28, 09


Bishop Election. M TV News

Two reflections on ‘Mary and the Manger’ by Mammen Varkey, Vichara, Mavelikkara: 1 2

Ideal Parenting in Christian perspective by Fr. Dr. V. M. Abraham.

Memorial Feast of Baselios Geevarghese II Catholicos at Kunnamkulam. News

Christmas Celebrations at Germany. News

Reception to Alexios Mar Eusebios at St. Thomas Church Florida. News

San Fransisco St. Gregorios Churcch. News

New Service in Melbourn. News: 1 2

St. Grorge OCYM Kannanakuzhy. HEAVENLY NIGHT 09. Organized by OCYM. Photos

Njarthankal Koruthu Malpan Memorial Meeting at Vadavukodu. Photo by Manorama.

Parish News.

Dec. 26, 09


Bishop Election. M TV News

Memorial Feast of Yakoob Mar Polycarpos (1921-1986) at Koratty Aramana on Dec. 26.

MGOCSM 101st Annual Conference at Pampady Dayara. Gregorian TV News

NAMS (National Association for MIssion studies) Silver Jubilee Conference at Christa Sishya Ashram Thadakam on Dec. 28, 29, 30. Notice: 1 2


NAMS Silver Jubilee: An Article by Prof. D. Mathew.

Nativity Reflections: Waiting With Hope and Expectation. PDF File


How a Bishop must be chosen: A Layman's Perspective by Tenny Thomas. PDF File

Christian Cultural Forum, Mavelikkara. Manorama Supplement. PDF File

Mezhuvely Holy Innocent Church Announces aS Pilgrimage Centre on Dec. 27. News

Dec. 24, 09


H. H. Didymus I Catholicos' Christmas Message:

English. Malayalam

H. B. Paulose Mar Milithios' Christmas Message

Christmas Message from H. E. Mar Severios Moses Gurgan to Malankara Orthodox TV Viewers.

Christmas Message from M TV Team.


As MTV wishes its readers a Merry Christmas, we wish to remind one and all that we have an extensive collection of recordings by Sruthi of the hymns sung during the Christmas day service. Hum along to the mellifluous rendition of Fr. M. P. George and team as they give voice to the late Malankara Malpan Konattu Abraham Kathanar's translation of the sublime thoughts of the Syriac fathers, set in golden verse by Sabhakavi Vennikkulam C. P. Chandy.

Memorise the tunes, understand the context, reflect on them as you slip into slumber... let the meanings sink deep into your consciousness. You will then be able to immerse yourself in the early morning Christmas service and feel its richness and wholeness.

Kanyakayam Mathavin 2. Masiha Jatham Chaitho

3. Sishuvayi Swayame 4. Aaralavu Varnippan

5. Padin Padin  6. Papam Chaithodorardrada

7. Maanava Valsalano 8. Muttunneettin Novennil

9. Haa Balaheenan 10. Nadha Ee Nin

11. Daveedhin 12. Onpathu Masam

13. Balinadhan 14. Kathire 15. Samrakshitha

16. Karthave 17. Karuna 18. Haa Nin

19. Njangal Than 20. Esanu Nee 21. Thesu Bhuhatho

22. Ulakarayi 23. Maanava 24. Bethlahem

25. Bethlahemile 26. Dhyuthi 27. Vismaya

28. Gahuara 29. Paripoornam 30. Innare

31. Tharaka 32. Suvisheshathin 33. Vaneennum

34. Kanyaka Mariyaminnal

Apart from the Malankara Orthodox Church, the Jacobite faction, the Knanaya faction, and the Malankara Syrian Catholic Rite also use the same order of service for Christmas. Members with such affiliations will also profit from the recordings.

MTV once again wishes all its readers a blessed Nativity.

Scripture Readings  & Devotional Thoughts for Christmas by Fr. John Samuel, Vicar, St. Gregorious Church, London, UK.

St. Dionysius Foundation Meeting at Kunnamkulam. Photos


Christmas message from H. B. Paulose Mar Milithios.

(MOSC Site Video)

Christmas Message from Mathews  Mar Barnabas.

Christmas Message from Yuhanon Mar Milithos.

Christmas Message from Geevarghese Mar Coorilos

Christmas Message from Yuhanon Mar Policarpose.

Christmas Message from Mathews Mar Thimothios.

An Exclusive Interview with Mathews Mar Theodosius. Marian Voice (Publication of St. Mary's OCYM Karattukunnel), Dec. 09. PDF File

Mariamenna Varanda Bhoomiyil Ninnu Mulachu Valarnna Anugraheetha Sasyam by Fr. Dr. K. M. George. PDF File

MGOCSM 101st Annual Conference at Pampady Dayara. Notice

Parish News

Christmas Celebrations. News

Dec. 23, 09


A  Book about Dr. Mathews Mar Severios. M TV News

MOSC Books:

Catholica Bavamarude Kaladikalil (Church Memories)

By Fr. T. G. Zacharia. PDF File


Karthru Padhandhikam (Jerusalem Journey with Photos) by Fr. A. K. Cherian.  PDF File (16 MB)

1. Golden Verses. PDF File

2. Biblical General Knowledge. PDF File

An O.S.S.A.E. – OKR, Bangalore District Publication Bangalore, India.

Bangalore Orthodox Convention. Meltho 2010. Calendar: 1  2  3  4 5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14 Prepared by Fr. V. P. Idichandy.

Releasing of the Logo of Catholicate Centenary Celebrations at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Niranam. News

Church Calendar in English.

MOSC - Church Calendar - 2010 (Sabha Panchangum), published by SDOF, Auckland Chapter. PDF File

Christmas Message from Alexios Mar Eusebius.

Feast of Holy Innocents: Dr. Yakob Mar Irenaios will be the chief celebrant for the Penta-Mass on the occasion of the Feast of Holy Innocents on Sunday 27th December 2009 at the Mulanthuruthy Marthoman Church.

Abu Dhabi OCYM X'mas Carol Service. Photos

The concluding meeting of the 10th anniversary of OCYM Dallas St. Mary’s will be held on December 27.

The public meeting will be presided over by the Vicar, Fr. Thampan Varghese. The priests and the Members of OCYM from neighboring parishes will attend the function. The function will end with a variety entertainment program.

Dallas St. Mary’s unit had raised and distributed $25,000 towards charity among the needy.

The release of the Souvenir will also take place at the function. A committee under the leadership of Prince Abraham, Biji Baby, Smitha Mathew and jiju John will coordinate the function. Photo

Dec. 22, 09


A News about Official Church Calendar: Sabha Pangangamenna Abadha Pangangam. M TV News

Parish News.

Christmas Story by John Kunnathu.

St. Dionysius Orthodox Foundation. Malabar Diocese Meeting. Photos

Bethel Pathrika: The voice of Chengannur Diocese. December 2009.

Dec. 21, 09

Releasing of the Logo of Catholicate Centenary Celebrations at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Niranam. Photos Gregorian TV Photos Speeches: Justice Benjamin Koshy, Yuhanon Mar Chrisostomos, H. B. Mar Milithios, Thomas Mar Athanasius, George Joseph  News


Catholicate Centenary Official Mini Site. M TV Mini Site.

New Book on Paulos Mar Gregorios.

Christian faith and Global Peace By Fr. Bijesh Philip
Published by CSS Tiruvalla

Compares the thought of Paulos Mar Gregorios and Hans Küng.
Bringing them together, Father Philip claims that in Hans Küng and Mar Gregorios, the western and eastern Christian traditions converge with the single purpose of bringing about peace in the world. Hans Küng and Mar Gregorios, who have been giants in the world of thought, have so much in common although they have come from the two diverse tributaries of Christianity. The common goal of peace and justice has made the differences between them insignificant. Book Review by John Kunnathu.

Kairaly TV is telecasting Christmas and new year message of South West diocese of America's metropolitan Alexios Mar Eusebius. Christmas message will be aired on Sunday 20th December 2009 at 8 PM (Central Standard time in US, 7.30 AM Monday 21st in India) and New year message will be aired on 27th Sunday 8 pm (Central standard time in US, 7.30 AM Monday 28 in India).

OCYM Kottayam diocese conducted St. Thomas memorial speech at St. Thomas Orthodox Church Vadakkanmannoor. Photos

South Pampady St. Thomas Orthodox Church conducted St. Thomas memorial speech. Photos

Parish News: 1 2 3

Dec. 19, 09


Devotional Thoughts for the Sunday before the Nativity 20th Dec 09 by Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorios.


Scripture Readings  & Devotional Thoughts for this week by Fr. John Samuel, Vicar, St. Gregorious Church, London, UK.


Releasing of the Logo of Catholicate Centenary Celebrations.

The Logo of the Catholicate Centenary Celebrations will be released on 21st Dec 09 at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Niranam. News


Catholicate Centenary: Best Wishes from M TV.


St. Mary's Orthodox Church, Niranam (Valiya Palli) will celebrate the feast of the martyrdom of St. Thomas, our Patron Saint and Apostle of India, and Mar Behanan from 18th to 27th December 2009. News

Church History Exhibition at Karthikappally  Church. News

2009 Christmas & New Year's Greetings from Hiearchs of Northeast American Diocese.


Religious Parliament at Melbourne. News Photos

Christmas Celebrations. News

St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, Southend On Sea,(U.K ) Celebrated its First Perunal of the Patron Saint Parumala Thirumeni on 28th November 2009 at All Saints Church Southend On Sea. Members from London, Romford, Chelmsford, Basildon and Southend On Sea Attended the Perunal. The Chief Celebrant For the Munumel Qurbana was the Very. Rev. A. M. Mathai Cor-Episcopa,followed by Guest Fr. George Panakamuttom (Vicar of Liverpool indian orthodox church) and Fr. Mathew Abraham Palathinkal,Vicar of indian Orthodox church in Southend On Sea. Special choir was arranged by Fr John Samuel, Vicar of St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, Brockley, London. Photos

Dec. 18, 09


Bishop Election. M TV News

Kunnamkulam and Aneedhe Perunnal by Fr. Dr. Joseph Cheeran. PDF File

Article about Christmas by V. Fr. K. J.  Kuriakose Cor Episcopa. Sunday Shalom, Dec 20

Sheffield indian orthodox church. Christmas Service News

Holy Innocent Orthodox Church, Mezhuvely. 150th Jubilee celebrations. Notice: 1  2  3  4  5  6

OCYM 15th Annual Zonal Conference of the UAE Zone  on 1st January 2010 at Mar Eusebius Nagar (St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Ras Al Khaimah) based on the subject “Boundaries and the Beyond”.

Germany Koln/Bonn Parish General Body Meeting Report.

Dec. 17, 09


Freedom Concept in Gregorian Vision by Fr. Bijesh Philip. Published in Orthodox Herald. Part 1 Part 2

Memorial Feast of H. H. Baselios Geevarghese I on Dec. 16, 17 at Vallikkattu Dayara. Photos  Videos


Catholicattinte Nidhy (St. Geevarghese I Catholicos' Biography and Works) Pdf Files

Christmas Celebrations at Ghaziabadh school. Photos News

Manorama News

Mar Osthathios Speech 09 at Bethany Aramana, Thiruvalla on 13-12-09. Videos

Catholic - Orthodox Dialogue at Sophia Centre, Orthodox Seminary, Kottayam. News Photo M TV News

Releasing of the Logo of Catholicate Centenary Celebrations

The Logo of the Catholicate Centenary Celebrations will be released on 21st Dec 09 at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Niranam. Notice News


History of  Niranam St. Mary's Church. PDF File

Paul Johns Konattu (Son of Fr. Johns Abraham Konattu, Student of U. C. College, Aluva) Selected as Captain of Kerala Net Ball Team.

Meditation about Christmas by Shaji V. Mathew. PDF File


Article about Christmas by Sunil K. Baby. PDF File


St. George OCYM Kannanakuzhy. Heavenly Night 09 (CHRISTMAS MUSIC NIGHT) on 27 Dec. 2009 Sunday 7 pm. News

Parish News. Compiled by Sunil K. B.

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